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Single Replacement Example Chemistry Assignment

Substitution or Single Replacement Reactions  A single free element replaces or is substituted for one of the elements in a compound.  The free element is more reactive than the one its replaces.

                          Zn    +     2 HCl   ---------->  H2    +  ZnCl2
                                  zinc      hydrochloric acid             hydrogen    zinc chloride

                       Cu   +   2 AgNO3  ----------->  2 Ag    +    Cu(NO3)2
                   copper        silver nitrate                             silver          copper (II) nitrate

                               H2    +   2 AgNO3 ----------->  2 Ag   +   2 HNO3
                           hydrogen     silver nitrate                            silver           nitric acid

                                  2 Na   +  2 H2O  ----------->  2 NaOH    +     H2
                                 sodium          water                          sodium hydroxide     hydrogen

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