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Caging Animals Is Cruel Essay Typer

I will be stating my reasons to why I think it is cruel to keep animals in cages. My definition of this topic is: cruel: Causing pain or suffering to innocent animals or living organism. Cages: A structure of bars or wires in which animals is confined. I will now state my arguments:

There are examples all over the world where animals have been taking from their homes and then stuck in cages for the entertainment and pleasure of humans. For example in 2006 a group of giant pandas in China were taken from their bamboo forest home and taken into captivity for tourists, but no one ever realised the harm this made to the pandas until wildlife experts finally took action and put them in their natural habitat. By the time that they got them out of captivity and took them back in the wild it took years for the pandas to rehabilitate and adapt to their natural habitat. If we keep more and more animals in cages not only will the species become extinct or endangered but the animals will lose their natural way of life from being in a natural habitat to being locked up in cages.

Animals are just like human they eat, sleep and drink like us. They can run, walk and swim like us. They speak a certain language and they all have male and female genders. So why it is that factory farm & circuses have to keep these animals, which are just like us in nearly every single way, in cages? How would you feel being stuck in a small, cramped and uncomfortable cage with little food and water and no one to play with or talk to? I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t like it. Animals have feelings and emotions just like us; just because they don’t have a voice to speak does mean we should take away their rights as a living creature. It would be much more pleasurable to see the animal in its natural habitat, living its life being happy opposed to a small cramped, overcrowded cage. Some animals have died just from the conditions that their cages have been kept in. Do factory farmers and circuses like seeing animals suffer in these conditions?

Most people in 1st world countries would not even think of locking human in cages but yet just down the road at their local zoo or circuses helpless
animals are being kept in that claustrophobic cage so us human beings can have the privilege to see those animals. If we wouldn’t do it to other humans why is it right to do it to animals, what makes that right?

In conclusion I personally believe it is wrong to keep helpless animals in cages for most or all of their lives and should be released into the wild where they belong.

jacynta ammoun

Keeping Animals in Cage Is Cruel

The issue of keeping animals in cages has attracted a lot of debate among peoples over the years. The idea of people to keep animals in cages is disgusting. It is violation of the rights and freedoms of animals to isolate and lock them in these small areas like cages. Keeping animals in cages affects them socially, thus making them more aggressive. Taking animals out of their natural inhabitant and put them in custody is not only harmful to the animals but also to the ecosystem and could result to severe species alteration or even extinction of the species.

Effects of Caging On Animals

Keeping animals in cages affects both their social and physical behaviors.  Research shows that over eighty percent of animals confined in cages develop aggressive behaviors against human beings as well as against other animals. They lose their friendliness and trust in them. In most cases, this animals suffer severe social side effects. Due to difficult conditions in the cages, these animals find it difficult to trust or accept other animals. For instance, imagine yourself been taken out of your family and put in a small custody. It is very bad and cruel experience.

It is wrong and cruel to force out of their natural habitat to live in artificial, cramped and confide environment such as in cages. Poor conditions in cages cause most animals to suffer and feel uncomfortable. In cages, an outbreak of certain infection can be spread like wild fire among the animals which may result to series of deaths. However, animals kept in cages ahead of test must be provided with an environment similar to their natural environment and free from disease causing infections. This will help them not to develop aggressive behaviors on human and other animals. However, it is very awkward since these poor animals deserve better habitat such as provided by natural habitat.

Caging Effects on Animals’ Survival Skills

Animals learn their survival skills from their natural habitat. Keeping animals in cages limits their opportunities to develop survival skills and thus in case they are released of escape from the cages, they find it hard to survive in the natural habitat. As a result, these animals may end up falling in the hands of their predators or die of hunger.

Although some people argue that keeping animals in cage helps to keep aggressive animals away from people, this is false. If animals are not taken from their natural inhabitant, they would not be dangerous to people. Keeping animals in cages does not help but increases the harm. It is clearly that caging animals is unnecessary and cruel.