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LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes

FAQ/Walkthrough by Strangesounds

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100% Completion Guide for Lego Batman 2: DC Heroes Author: Steve Abramson E-Mail: Version: 1.00 - July 1, 2012 Disclaimer Posted General Information Posted Guide Information Posted Game Information Posted Collectibles Information Posted Details Explanation Posted All Story Mode Chapters Completed All Free Play Mode Chapters Completed Bonus Level Completed (Search "ZZZ" if you want that info only) All Red Brick Locations Posted All Gold Brick Locations Posted All Citizens In Peril Locations Posted All Character Locations Posted All Vehicle Locations Posted All Trophy Details Posted All Minikit Locations Posted Thank You's Posted /// Reader Request And Question Posted 100% of the game complete - Everything you need is here! ************************************************** DISCLAIMER: is the only website permitted to publish this guide. I exclusively use this site for my only gaming purposes; and have found this site to be the most comprehensive for all games in all systems. I will not tolerate theft of this guide to be used elsewhere! If anyone see this guide listed anywhere else; please notify me immediately at the address at the top of this guide. ************************************************** GENERAL INFORMATION: Hello everyone! I'm Steve and this is my second attempt at a guide for GameFAQs. My previous guide was written two years ago for "Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4" but I was never fully satisfied with it. It was more a checklist than anything else, and I felt bad that I never followed through with expanding it. This time around, I intend to fully flesh this one out. Not as a fully detailed walkthrough as the Lego games are pretty easy to play through, but rather a more detailed guide as to when to do what; where to find what, etc. I noticed when playing this game when it first came out, that this was probably the hardest Lego game I've played (I have every single one for the PS3) and when going online looking for help, there was an abundance of "help me's" on the same points of the game. Hopefully this guide will answer all questions and help the reader achieve 100% while still being able to have fun without reading a strict step-by-step guide on what to do. Half of the fun of the Lego games is to simply explore and discover on your own; this guide will just be the helpful hand when needed. If you see any grammatical or spelling errors, or if you see something that can be better explained; please don't hesitate to contact me via the address at the top of this guide. Furthermore, if you have any questions that aren't explained in this guide; also don't hesitate to contact me as I will try my best to answer those in a timely manner. Any updates to this guide (or questions, or other information) will credit those who brought it to my initial attention. Please note that I am playing the PS3 version purchased at Wal-Mart so I don't have any of those pre-order packages with additional characters, as I am aware that different formats of this game have slightly different things. Furthermore I am playing this in one-player mode and playing through the game as I type this guide. (The two-player trophy will be detailed later on when appropriate). ************************************************** GUIDE INFORMATION: The best thing about playing the Lego games is the general freedom to play however you like. Unlike most platform games, there tends to be a more freestyle when it comes to roaming around; the order you can play things, etc. Most people tend to go for the stud multiplier as quickly as possible before completing Story Mode. Some tend to play through all of the Story Mode before general collection. There is no one way to play a Lego Game, and this one is no exception. The way this guide will read is how I will play the game through. I will be doing all of the Story Mode chapters before touching the Free Play Mode. Roaming around in the hub will be explained when I do it while writing this guide; however that is where the general freedom comes about. If you feel that there is a better way to achieve something (a quicker way to find something, etc); again, please don't hesitate to bring it to my attention with any future updates acknowlindg the reader's suggestion. There isn't going to be a Table Of Contents with cross-referencing using letter codes in parenthesis that most guides have. Instead this will read like a book with each chapter of this guide covering a chapter in the game and/or roaming. Hopefully, this will be enough of a help for any questions that may come up while you play the game. ************************************************** GAME INFORMATION: Yes, they talk! I understand how many people would be disappointed with that as it is rather comical to hear the characters speak "blah blah blah". However, I think that in this particular game it is quite useful as this is (as far as I know) an original story. It's easier to have them speak in babble for established stories (I never saw the "Pirates Of The Caribbean" films yet the game was detailed enough that when I finally saw 2 of the movies, I actually understood what was going on before it happened. It may not be Oscar-caliber voice acting, but I think it's a step in the right direction as it allows the gamemakers to create more original stories due to the success of these games! The one thing that I am very disappointed in (and I'm sure many will agree with me) is the fact that the game is basically 5-characters (Batman, Robin, Joker, Superman and Lex Luthor). The whole DC Heroes thing seems more like a marketing ploy as a handful of the characters don't make appearances until the end of the game with the rest of the characters being purchased in the hub. And yes, there will be some spoilers in this guide - sorry. Fortunately, these additional characters have many cool abillities which makes Free Play and general Hub roaming more enjoyable as you can kick Batman and Robin out of the party a lot of times. (Personally I enjoy a duo of Green Lantern and the Flash - first for flight; second for fight). I won't be listing a fully detailed list of everyone's abilities except for those of importance which can make the game playing easier. Certainly there are characters which are more appealing to some as opposed to others. Studs aren't an issue in the game like in prior Lego games. The multipliers are cheaper to buy, but aren't available until much later than usual. The first time I played this game I achieved "True Hero" in 11 of the 15 Story chapters. This guide will hopefully help you reserve your stud funds and utilize them best. Fortunately studs regenerate within the hub so in between chapters you can collect the same things, destroy the same things, etc. One major stanfu that the makers of the game made is character selection during Free Play Mode. In all previous Lego games, during Free Play the AI would automatically give you any unlocked characters that are necessary to complete the puzzles. If you needed a high jumper it would give you one; a small character, it would appear. Not this time. I believe that this is one of the major reasons why people will have difficulties completing the game to 100%. Fortunately during Free Play (and later on in the Hub) you can switch characters using the triangle button bringing up the character pallette and choosing whoever you want. There are three examples I can think of where the AI leaves you empty handed. Two of them involve Aquaman and one involves the Penguin; all cases needing their very handy abillities. In this guide when detailing the location of Minikits I will mention the characters needed (or at least abilities). ***GLITCH WARNING*** - I haven't seen anyone mention this, so I am unsure if this is my game, or more widespread. During Free Play Mode in my initial runthrough, the game froze on me 4-5 times during the same operation. Everytime I used the Heat Ray ability (Superman or similar character), the game would freeze. Each time there was a lot of stuff going on at the same time, so it was almost information overload (flying, attacking, multiple enemies). So just a heads up there. There is an in-game map for the hub which is rather huge. At first most of the map is blacked out (and of course off-limits; very Grand Theft Auto); but will open up the further you get into the game. You have the ability to scan the map and in the general area of that scan you will get markers appearing on the map. These markers will show you Gold Bricks (gold icon), Red Bricks (red icon), Citizens In Peril (purple icon), Golden Arches (door icon), Vehicles to purchase (vehicle icon), Boss Battles (large white circle; also visible in the actual Hub by large beams of light towards the sky). Unfortunately the map is shockingly unhelpful as the sense of direction is off. Regardless of whatever direction you're facing, the map will have your character facing south. Chances are you will be heading the wrong direction until you get a better grasp of the hub visually. When the indicators are purchased; they can be more helpful but there can be a LOT of them on screen, so it's really a matter of preference. I will explain more about the map at certain times in this guide. Finally, during game play in the Hub, there is a radar indicator in the top left hand corner. I honestly could not figure out how to read this; so there will be no mention of that here. If someone can explain it to me in details and I find it helpful, it will be added in an update with proper recognition. All additional game instructions (such as how to jump, fly, attack, etc) will not be discussed here. There is a manual in the game included plus it's pretty basic haha. ************************************************** COLLECTIBLES INFORMATION: Let's face it, the Lego games are all about finding things. Here is a list of all the things you want to locate throughout the game. 1. Red Bricks - As always, the Red Bricks represent the "cheats" in the game. There are 20 of them located throughout the hub. Access to the Red Bricks require the usage of The Joker (4 Bricks), The Riddler (8 Bricks), Lex Luthor (4 Bricks) or Any character (4 Bricks). Obviously, the 4 latter Bricks will be grabbed as soon as we can. Access to The Joker and Lex Luthor doesn't become available until after Story Mode is complete (where you need The Flash to unlock them, and he doesn't become a player until the story is finished). At the time I write this, I'm not sure when the 8 Riddler Bricks are up for grabs. 2. Gold Bricks - There are a whopping 250 Gold Bricks located throughout the entire game. 60 of them are earned through the 15 Game Chapters (15 for each of the following: completing the story, rescuing the Citizen In Peril, earning "Super Hero", completing the Minikit). The other 190 of them are located throughout the Hub. These are found from completing one of three tasks (rescuing more Citizens In Peril, smashing several similar objects in close proximity to each other, solving puzzles with Batman and Robin to rooftops). With the rooftop Gold Bricks, I am going to hold off getting them until later in the game when many of the Bosses become available as they have similar abilities needed to solve the puzzles and makes it much simpler (and faster) to solve. - Fun Note!!! - After you have found a Gold Brick in the hub for either the rooftop puzzle or the smashing puzzle, a purple (10,000) stud will be in its' place each time you return to the Hub. You have to solve those puzzles again, but it's a good place to find money when in a pinch (notably in the Amusement Park where there are several in close proximity to each other). 3. Citizen In Peril - There are 50 men (apparently the women went on strike when this game was in production) that are in trouble throughout the game. Fifteen of them are located in the Story Chapters (1 per Chapter), the other 35 are found throughout the Hub. The ones in the Hub you can usually hear when you are close to them as they start screaming "Help me! Help me!" (rather funny actually). There isn't much variety as to their problems as they keep getting stuck in the same situations (several stuck in plants, several frozen in ice cubes); and I think it's the same guy over and over again (with two notable exceptions). 4. Characters - There are a total of 60 playable characters in the game. Ten of them are self-made creations (you can tweak them in the Batcave later on); the other 50 are either unlocked during the Story (only a handful), or found in the hub. Those found in the hub are either Boss Battles (found through Remote Terminals), Goons (found by attacking several in a row) or Good Guys (purchased by building doors which can be unlocked after earning X amount of Gold Bricks). All of these characters must be purchased. 5. Vehicles - There are 3 types of vehicles in the game: Air, Land and Water. For each type, five of them are built with the Minikits in the Story Chapters (and MUST be driven after completion to earn a trophy). The other ones are either unlocked (only a handful) or purchased throughout the hub. There are a total of 15 Air, 25 Land and 15 Water vehicles. 6. Minikits - The Lego standard. Each of the 15 Story Chapters have 10 Minikits to locate (which of course require puzzle solving in Free Play for many of them). When all 10 Minikits in a Chapter is found, a vehicle is created (no purchase require). So there are only 150 Minikits to locate. 7. Trophies - There are 38 trophies that can be unlocked in the game; with one of them being a 2-player trophy (which I will explain when is the best time to do this if you have a second controller). Most of them are unlocked at obvious times; with a handful being unlocked at any time based on the player and whether you follow my guide to the letter. ************************************************** DETAILS EXPLANATION: Since this is not a regular type of walkthrough, I will be focusing on details of where to find all the collectibles (when applicable), as well as general information that you may need for more difficult puzzles, etc. As of now, the guide will look something like the information below with some of it being weeded out as the game progresses. Furthermore, I will only list the "categories" that apply to each section. The most important thing is that I don't want to spoil all of the fun in the solving of the game, but just help you with locating the collectibles as well as helping you not get a headache from the more difficult spots. Story Mode / Free Play: Goal - This is the task you need to complete; these will be my "checkpoints". To Do - Anything you might need to do that may be difficult to figure out. Can't Do - I will mention things you can't do (1st time only) until Free Play. Ignore - In the rare case there is a red herring that might nag you otherwise. Minikits - Listed in the order and area that you would find them. Citizen In Peril - Listed in the area that you would find him. New Suit - Listed the first time you encounter the suit for Batman or Robin. New Abilities - Explanations to the abilities you get for the new suits. Trophy - Any trophies earned throughout the Chapter. Gold Bricks - Any Gold Bricks earned after the Chapter is finished. Total Studs - Approximation of how much you can accumulate by this point. Total Percentage - An indication of how much closer you are to 100% The Hub: Red Bricks - Where and how to find the 20 Red Bricks. Gold Bricks - Where and how to find the 190 Red Bricks. Citizen In Peril - Where and how to find the 35 Citizens In Peril. Characters - Where and how to find the X amount of Characters to purchase. Vehicles - Where and how to find the vehicles to purchase. Trophies - Whenever relevant. Total Studs - Approximation of how much you have accumulated by this point. Total Percentage - An indication of how much closer you are to 100% ***Don't forget that studs regenerate in the Hub. So each time you return to the Hub from a Chapter the studs are back. And any Gold Bricks that have been collected through problem solving will generate a purple (10,000) stud in every subsequent visit. Numbers (x/x) represent a running count of the collectibles. There will not be a breakdown of Minikits within a chapter, meaning I will do a running count of all 150 and not a running count for just the 10 within that chapter. Ready to start? Turn on your PS3. Update it. Load the trophies. Begin. ************************************************** STORY CHAPTER 01: "THEATRICAL PURSUITS" Goal - Defeat Harley Quinn Can't Do - Destroy silver metal (you need Batman's Power Suit or The Penguin). Can't Do - Use wall poles (you need Robin's Acrobat Suit). Can't Do - Manipulate shiny black metal (you need Lex Luthor's Deconstructor). Citizen In Peril (1/50) - In the far left of the room there is a man on a table being harrassed by a goon. Save him. Total Studs - 48,340 Goal - Defeat The Riddler To Do - The Riddler is hiding inside the tuba. Attack the tuba a few times to make him appear. Can't Do - Destroy gold metal (you need Superman's Heat Ray or any similar character). Can't Do - Pull orange handle (you need Batman's Power Suit, Superman or any other strong character). Ignore - Where the band is playing you can only partially destroy the piano. Ignore - That giant green (octopus?) arm is useless; don't worry about it. Minikit (1/150) - Behind the giant green arm are three windows. The Minikit is hidden behind the middle; just jump in and grab it. New Suit - Batman's Sensor Suit New Abilities - Invisibility - This is EXCLUSIVE to Batman's Sensor Suit. This is important to note especially in The Hub where some puzzles require you to pass by those laser detectors. New Abilities - X-Ray Vision - Non-exclusive as Superman and other characters possess this ability. Total Studs: 73,060 Goal - Defeat Two-Face Can't Do - Freeze water (you need Robin's Ice Suit, Superman's Ice breath or Mr. Freeze's weapon). Can't Do - Shatter glass (you need Batman's Sonic Suit or a couple of other characters). Minikit (2/150) - After you defeat Two-Face, use the Acrobat Poles on the right wall on the top of the stairs (the poles on the left side lead to a purple stud). New Suit - Robin's Acrobat Suit New Abilities - Acrobat Poles - This is EXCLUSIVE to Robin's Acrobat Suit which like Batman's Sensor Suit is necessary to solve several puzzles in the Hub. However, the ability to high jump is given to all women. That becomes irrelevant once you have access to any of the flying characters. New Abilities - Acrobat Ball - This is EXCLUSIVE to Robin's Acrobat Suit and again becomes very relevant in the Hub. Total Studs - 101,250 Goal - Defeat The Joker Minikit (3/150) - Smash up the 3 green windows along the back wall. Trophy (1/38) - "Theatrical Pursuits" given for completing Chapter 1. Gold Brick (1/250) - Given for Level Complete in Chapter 1. Gold Brick (2/250) - Given for rescuing the Citizen In Peril in Chapter 1. Character (1/60) - Batman unlocked Character (2/60) - Robin unlocked Total Studs - 115,000 ************************************************** POST CHAPTER 1 - THE HUB After each Chapter you are dropped into the Main Hub. Access within the Hub is limited at first; but will become more wide-ranged as the game progresses. This is where each player has the opportunity to alter the course of how they want to play (within limits); whether they choose to go straight to the next chapter, whether they want to collect studs or collectibles. For the sake of this guide, I am going to reserve my studs until we need them and limit the collecting until it can be done on a more mass-scale. Like the "Lego Harry Potter" games, you can follow the trail of ghost studs to your next mission. Unfortunately, there is no "collect ghost studs" Red Brick so there is a lot of "lost studs" to be had (hadn't?). Gold Brick (3/250) - When you are facing the theater, look to your left and you will see six red fire hydrants in a circle with one of them hopping. This is one of the similar puzzles you will find throughout the hub. The object is to smash X amount of similar items in close proximity to each other. If you do it quick enough, you earn the Gold Brick. If you don't do it quickly, the items you destroyed will regenerate and you have to start over again. So go ahead and earn this Gold Brick. Take note (as mentioned before), each time you return to the Hub, these fire hydrants will be here and if you smash them again you will earn a purple (10,000) stud. You will visually be able to see it but you won't be able to collect it without smashing them first. In the corner of the building near those fire hydrants is a blue bat signal which leads to a grappel point. This is one of many "climb to the roof" puzzles but we will be holding off on these until later in the game where we have access to a variety of characters (saves time really as well as allowing you to get greater usage for most of the other characters which go unused). There is no way to re-enter the theatre to replay Story Mode or go into Free Play. The only way to do this is inside the Bat Cave which we'll get to later on. On the other side of the theater you will see a Joker Box. There's a Red Brick hidden in there. There are similar boxes scattered throughout the Hub for either The Joker or The Riddler (Lex Luthor's "boxes" are glowing black bricks similar to the ship in the first part of Chapter 1). So this will wait for quite awhile. To access the next chapter follow the ghost studs to the giant bat signal. Smash the items to build Batman's Sensor Suit then ultimately get Robin's Acrobat Suit. You now have a Remote Terminal. There are 23 of these terminals located throughout the Hub. One of them is inside the Bat Cave where you will access Story Mode (for replay purposes) or Free Play. The other 22 (including this one) grant you access to a vehicle (Air, Land or Water depending on its' location) as well as a map. Later on, accessing the map will give you a cutscene of a Boss (22 terminals, 22 bosses) and their location close to the terminal. We will be accessing these terminals and cutscenes as soon as possible since it will open up the map (which is not available yet anyway). When ready, pick Robin's Helicopter through the terminal and enter it to trigger the next mission. Vehicle (1/55) - Robin's Helicopter Total Studs - 127,220 ************************************************** STORY CHAPTER 02: "HARBOURING A CRIMINAL" Goal - Do everything on the ground; build 1 of 3 parts to Robin's Helicopter. Minikit (4/150) - Blow up the left spotlight and build/ride the bicycle. Minikit (5/150) - Blow up the award sign that the left spotlight was shining. Minikit (6/150) - Destroy the 5 placards for the awards banquet. 1. Found to the right of the helicopter's tail 2. Found in front of the left side of the theater 3. Found in the far left of the area 4. Found in the left alleyway all the way in the back 5. Found by manipulating the two blue magnetic objects with Robin's suit Citizen In Peril (2/50) - In the front right of the area you will see two goons harrassing him. Rescue him. New Suit - Batman's Power Suit New Suit - Robin's Magnetic Suit New Ability - Bombs (Batman's Power Suit will allow you to blow up silver metal; you need to use him for silver items that are not on the ground. For metal on the ground you can later use The Penguin). New Ability - Super Strength (Batman's Power Suit will allow you to pull orange handles; there are many characters, notably Superman, that can do this as well). New Ability - Magnetic Wall Climbing (Robin's Magnetic Suit will allow you to walk up walls; a power that becomes unnecessary in The Hub when you have flying characters). New Ability - Magnetic Manipulation (Robin's Magnetic Suit will allow you to move magnetic items; there is at least one other character that you can use later on). Total Studs - 48,910 Goal - Do everything on higher ground; build the other 2 Helicopter parts. Minikit (7/150) - When using the zipline towards the left, you will see a grappel hook going up. Stop! Use the ladder going down first, walk around to the blind spot and snatch it up. Minikit (8/150) - When pulling the orange lever on the top right, don't jump down right away. Walk around to the blind spot and grab it. Total Studs - 97,570 ("Super Hero" achieved somewhere around 90-95K) Goal - Defeat the Joker's Boat Minikit (9/150) - While fighting the boat you will fly over the rollercoaster in two locations; in both places you will see a car riding the tracks. Make sure you destroy them before you reduce the boat's hearts. Total Studs - Oops, I forgot to write it down. Goal - Defeat The Joker Minikit (10/150) - Destroy four cars; each one is located around each of the corners of the parking lot. Minikit (11/150) - In the front left corner is a bumper car. Ride it. Trophy (2/38) - "Harboring A Criminal" given for completing Chapter 2. Gold Brick (4/250) - Given for Level Complete in Chapter 2. Gold Brick (5/250) - Given for achieving "Super Hero" in Chapter 2. Gold Brick (6/250) - Given for rescuing the Citizen In Peril in Chapter 2. Total Studs - 268,620 ************************************************** POST CHAPTER 2 - THE HUB The in-game map is still not available yet. You will be located in the parking lot for the Amusement Park. Gold Brick (7/250) - Break the 9 traffic cones in a circle Vehicle (2/55) - Batmobile Vehicle (3/55) - Bat Bike Vehicle (4/55) - Robin's Motorbike All 3 of these vehicles are given to you free when accessing the terminal). Hop onto the motorbike and destroy the five silver statues to allow further access. Since the map is still not available; instead of perusing around for collectibles, I suggest following the trail of ghost studs to the Bat Cave. While in the Bat Cave, you will be able to access the main terminal. This is where you can access Story Mode (replay) or Free Play. Furthermore, the in- game map is now available. You will see many areas blacked/clouded out. We will clear most of these sections later on (requiring the other terminals in The Hub). Highlight the next mission to be kicked out of the Bat Cave. You are now back in the Hub again with map accessibility. For now, just follow the trail of studs to the next mission. Total Studs - 273,990 Total Percentage - 3.1% ************************************************** STORY CHAPTER 03: "ARKHAM ASYLUM ANTICS" Goal - Defeat Catwoman's Motorbike To Do - In spite of the overwhelmingness of this giant maze, your task is pretty straightforward (much of the maze won't be accessed until you reach Free Play). If you can't figure out what to do next; walk back and forth in the areas you can access; it's not too difficult. Minikit (12/150) - Blow up the giant statue next to the Power Suit pickup. Total Studs - 20,920 Goal - Defeat Two-Face's Truck To Do - To find Batman's Bat Suit, head to the top left corner of the maze and blow up both the metal on the wall and the metal object on the left. Turn Robin into an Acrobat Ball and manipulate the pickup to the ground. Minikit (13/150) - South of the Acrobat Ball roller is a glass wall (head down and walk around the wall). Use Batman's Sonic Gun to shatter it. New Suit - Batman's Bat Suit New Ability - Shatter glass (the Sonic Gun on Batman's suit will allow you to do this; later on there are two characters that can do this as well). New Abilities - Gliding (the Bat Suit allows you to glide across great distances; but becomes irrelevant once you have flying characters). Total Studs - 30,280 Goal - Defeat Bane's Mole Machine To Do - To find Robin's Ice Suit you will find some glass on the ground. Shatter it then have both of you grapple onto the hooks to your left. This will flood the ground with water releasing the pickup. New Suit - Robin's Ice Suit New Ability - Freeze water (easier to do later on with Superman's breath). New Abilily - Shoot Ice (you can also do this later on with Mr. Freeze). Trophy (3/38) - "Arkham Asylum Antics" given for completing Chapter 3. Gold Brick (8/250) - Given for Level Complete in Chapter 3. Gold Brick (9/250) - Given for achieving "Super Hero" in Chapter 3. Total Studs - 51,150 (for Chapter) /// 325,140 (cumulative) Total Percentage - 4.4% ************************************************** POST CHAPTER 3 - THE HUB You will be inside Arkham Asylum. Chances are, without this guide, you would make the same mistake I made. Going up to Commissioner Gordon and hitting the circle button triggers the next mission. ************************************************** STORY CHAPTER 04: "ASYLUM ASSIGNMENT" Goal - Solve the puzzles with Batman above ground and Robin underwater. Minikit (14/150) - While underwater with Robin, there is a point where you have to break a fan on the back wall. Instead of going right, go left instead to snatch the one in plain sight. New Suit: Robin's Hazard Suit (The LAST Batman Suit you'll find) New Suit: Batman's Electricity Suit (The LAST Robin Suit you'll find) New Ability: Extinguish fires, Wash away toxic waste, Fill liquid tubes, Walk under water, Collect toxic waste (these are all abilities you can use with Robin's Hazard Suit; all of these can be done by other characters except collecting toxic waste which is EXCLUSIVE to this suit). New Ability: Walk through electrical fields, Use electrical outlets (Batman's Electricity Suit acts like a battery - if it's not sizzling, you need to find an outlet that is to charge him up - he can then charge up a non- powered outlet - and vice versa. Walking through electric fields is EXCLUSIVE to this suit; using the outlets regardless of charges can also be used by The Joker). Total Studs - 38,290 Goal - Reach the room with Mr. Freeze in an ice prison To Do - Solving this puzzle is a little hard once you get to the prison room. First climb up the electric wall with Batman and use the outlet. Then climb up the wall with Robin and scale the wall to the right over the ice. Once you get to the right side by the charge, fall through the hole (which is hard to see). Falling in the hole will release a spinner. Turn the spinner to turn off the ice blowers. Reclimb the wall with Batman and get to the charger on the right. Reclimb the wall with Robin and freeze the water to join Batman. Can't Do - Igloos (you need The Penguin's toys to access these). Total Studs - 88,320 Goal - Reach the room with multiple bridges to cross To Do - Whenever you use a suit pickup the previous suit you were wearing will be in it's place. The first instance occurs when you are wearing Robin's Ice Suit. You will hop into the Acrobat Suit (you need the ball). You will need the Ice Suit again, so return to the pickup to switch outfits back. This will only work with the last outfit you had on in combination with the suit you pick up. Can't Do - Graffiti (you need Aquaman for this; shockingly Robin's Hazard Suit will NOT work with these... also this is one of the cases I mentioned early on about how the AI doesn't give you a character automatically. Even if you have Aquaman unlocked, during Free Play, he's not always given to you). Can't Do - Travel through plants (this is an exclusive Poison Ivy ability). Total Studs - 115,720 ("Super Hero" achieved at 105K) ***Note: Are there any Final Fantasy fans who play this game? This isn't the first Lego game I've seen this, but those goons that are released when you get Batman's Sensor Suit look awfully a lot like Cloud Strife from FF7 lol. Goal - Defeat Scarecrow (against Mrs. King's approval) To Do - You may have had the opportunity to do this before, but this is the best, earliest possibility to earn a trophy. When attacking a bunch of enemies you will notice a circle button over some of them. That allows you to make a finishing move. You will also notice a multiplier flashing on the screen when you defeat an enemy. To earn the trophy, you MUST make the finishing move once a 10x multiplier flashes on screen (which will double the multiplier giving you a 20x and some studs). In the third phase of the Scarecrow battle there are enough enemies on screen to get the 10x multiplier. Once you see that, the next enemy will flash a circle (they will flash beforehand - ignore the circle; wait for the 10x to show up). Hit the circle button for your last move and you'll get the trophy. Trophy (4/38) - "Combo Hero" - Complete a finishing move with a 10x multiplier already on screen (see above for details). Trophy (5/38) - "Asylum Assignment" - given for completing Chapter 4. Gold Brick (10/250) - Given for Level Complete in Chapter 4. Gold Brick (11/250) - Given for achieving "Super Hero" in Chapter 4. Total Studs - 119,760 (Story) /// 444,900 (Cumulative) Total Percentage - 5.8% ************************************************** POST CHAPTER 4 - THE HUB This section is going to be rather LONG since we're going to do our first major exploration within The Hub. I can't emphasize enough just how much freedom the player has as to where to go, etc. However, in the interest of this guide, I would suggest being careful going off book and gathering things I don't discuss, because later on if you're off by one, looking for something, you might not know where in the guide to look. Hopefully, my directions (north, west, left, right) will make sense. First thing you want to take notice of is that Alfred has activated all of the Batcomputer Remote Terminals. There are 23 in the game, all of which show up as white circles on your in-game map. We've already been to three of them (at the Theater, Amusement Park and in the Bat Cave). These terminals will access Boss Battles as well as clearing up the map allowing you to scan for all of the collectibles. If the beam of light is red (like the one you're in front of), that means the terminal has not been activated. If the beam of light is blue, it's already been opened up. A few of the terminals have to be opened with Superman's Heat Ray ability. Activate the one you're standing in front of and you will get a cutscene for a Boss Battle, in this case for Captain Boomerang. Now access the map and scan it. In the general vicinity of where you scan the map you will get the following icons: White Circle - The terminal you're at (in this case "Arkham Asylum") Gold Icon - Representing a Gold Brick near the entrance to the Asylum Red Icon - Representing a Red Brick near the entrance to the Asylum Face Icon - Representing a Boss Battle you can have to purchase the character Door Icon - Representing a Golden Arch you build for a good character Right now we are going to skip ALL of this. Both bricks are located on the roof of the Asylum, while both characters require studs to purchsae them. We'll tackle these later on in the guide. If you scan the map in your general area, you will notice a handful of blips on the left side of the road you're standing on (going north/northeast). Let's tackle these blips (these are the only ones we'll do in isolation, as the rest we'll do in bulk later on) just to give you practice reading the map and locating the icons in person. Follow the ghost studs and keep an eye out on the map for when you're close to the icons scanned on the map. Citizen In Peril (3/50) Gold Brick (12/250) - Looking at the map, you will find a little purple blip. The purple blips represent a Citizen In Peril. Find him (or listen for his screams) and you will see Audrey II (from "Little Shop Of Horrors") eating him (impressive he can scream inside the plant's throat). To free him, just attack all three of his arms. Saving a Citizen In Peril also grants you a Gold Brick. Please note that there are several Citizens in plants that need rescuing. Gold Brick (13/250) - Continue following the left side of the road you are on (remember we're only looking on the LEFT side of the road!), you will find 5 shrubs that need to be annihilated. Make it so. You will notice that there is chaos on the street and you will be attacked by a variety of goons. Some of them are purchasable; others are not (cake throwers, hammer holders). To purchase some of them, you have to fight off five or so similar characters back-to-back. While you are perusing the Hub, you'll no doubt run into them. As to when and where may very well vary from game to game so the order I am listing them and the time I list them may change - but hopefully by the time we start collecting a lot of characters, you will have caught up to the ones I found/fought. There are, to my knowledge, only five of these characters. I DO suggest purchasing them as soon as you encounter them; because I'm not sure how easy it is to find the opportunity on purpose. Character (3/60) - Mime Goon (75,000 studs) - I got attacked by these guys around Gold Brick 13. They look like mimes (French berets, black and white striped shirts). Fight 'em off and around the fifth one or so, a circle will show up allowing you to purchase him. Congratulations. You own a useless mime. Citizen In Peril (4/50) Gold Brick (14/250) - Further along on the left side of the road is a hill for you to climb. Lo and behold, another plant. Smash it! By the way, right near the plant is a rock with a purple stud so you might as well take it. Gold Brick (15/250) - Right near that Citizen is a hill going down with five trees you need to knock down. At the top of the hill is a vehicle and I suggest you hop in it. The trees regenerate fast and aren't the easiest to knock down. Roll 'em like bowling pins (if you miss one, turn around and try again). Freeing the five roots grants you the Brick. Character (4/60) - Clown Goon (50,000 studs) - Right around Gold Brick 15, I got attacked by a bunch. They of course look like clowns, down to the very bad wigs. Fight 'em and Buy 'em. Continue to follow the trail of ghost studs. If you look at the map, you will notice that you will start heading south. You want to reach that first fork which will turn around and start heading back north which will lead to the Amusement Park parking lot (which is where we ended up after Mission 2). Go back there for some fun. Looking at the map you will see a large icon which represents a vehicle for purchase. All the vehicles for purchase have a different icon which looks like the actual vehicle. Strangely enough, there are two vehicles available here in the parking lot, but the other one won't show up on the map for awhile. Ignore the vehicles for now. Now take a look at the traffic cones you smashed up earlier and you will see a purple stud in the middle. You can't grab it, can you? Smash the traffic cones again to earn that stud. Now while you're hear, switch into Batman's Electrical Suit and charge up the door to grant you access to the Amusement Park. Character (5/60) - Two-Face Goon (25,000 studs) - I got whapped by them in the parking lot. Purple and orange suits. Destroy them! When you first enter the Amusement Park you will be in a skinny rectangular area with some poles heading up (I guess the girders for the roller coaster). You are going to go counter-clockwise around this area (in other words, make a right turn and go around the area with the kiosks on the right). Ignore all stairs going up or down. Please note, that early on in the game while exploring the Hub, if you want to make a decent amount of studs, come back here and re-do all of the games. Each Gold Brick will be replaced with a purple stud so revisiting the Amusement Park can net you over 200,000 studs. Gold Brick (16/250) - Hook A Duck - Watch the hook as it slowly hovers over one of the three ducks. Step on the button when it's over the duck. Once all three ducks are grabbed, the Gold Brick is yours. Please note, all game kiosks in the Amusement Park shoot out a bunch of studs besides the Brick. Try your best to grab the studs before the Brick, as the game saves after the Brick, and by the time you can move again, the studs are gone. Gold Brick (17/250) - Super Slide - Keep following the kiosks on the right and you will be at the bottom of the slide where there is a chair you can sit in. Hop on and you will be whisked to the top. Now slide away for the Brick. Gold Brick (18/250) - Sock A Croc - You should now be heading back towards the entrance if you are making a circle in this area. When the crocodile passes under the whacker, step on the button. Whack-A-Mole for the new millenium. Both crocs down; one Brick up. Gold Brick (19/250) - Bat In A Bucket - Very easy. Use your Batarang to hit all four buckets (I recommend using Batman since you can target four things in one throw) to earn the Brick. Any and all other kiosks can be smashed up for a few puny studs. You are now back to where you started from. To the left of the Bat In A Bucket are stairs going down. Let's go there with the water on your left; kiosks on the right. Gold Brick (20/250) - Hook A Duck. Rinse and repeat. If you look to your left you'll notice one of the other terminals. You can't access this right now (you'll need Superman's Heat Ray). We'll tackle a bulk of the terminals once we have our Flying Hero in our party. Gold Brick (21/250) - Bat In A Bucket. Preferably there than in your attic. Gold Brick (22/250) - Sock A Croc. Steve Irwin wouldn't like this. Ignore the stairs on your right. Ignore the giant pumpkin. Gold Brick (23/250) - Ferris Wheel. Once it stops, hop on and go for a ride. You will make two loops around to earn the Gold Brick. Hope you're not scared of heights. On a side note, for anyone who is a fan of Ratchet And Clank, I think they had the BEST Ferris Wheel on the planet of Mukow. Return to the stairs you passed a moment ago. Head to the top of the stairs and then go around counter-clockwise (right turn). Gold Brick (24/250) - Bumper Cars. I'm not sure if you have to hit the opponent X amount of times, or what. Just keep attacking him until you earn the Brick. Citizen In Peril (5/50) Gold Brick (25/250) - Following on the right there is a blind alley just before the Clown Spray booth. You'll find this man being held hostage by two of The Penguin's little toys. How cute. Snuff 'em! You will also notice a Joker box that can't be touched for quite some time. Gold Brick (26/250) - Clown Spray. To the left of the booth is Robin's Hazard Suit and to the right of the booth is a pool of water which you'll need to refill. Aim for the mouths and after all 3 clowns have drunk their fill, a Brick awaits you. Gold Brick (27/250) - Bat In A Bucket. Does Bruce Wayne have stock in this Amusement Park or what? This is the last kiosk on the perimeter. Let's handle the center of this area now. Gold Brick (28/250) - Teacups. Make sure you don't eat cotten candy before you attempt this ride since I will not be cleaning up the vomit. Just go round and round and round and round. Gold Brick (29/250) - Rocket Ride. Round and round and higher and higher. Barf. Sorry, I ate. My bad. To leave this area you will see giant purple legs (octopus legs perhaps?). To the left are the stairs you came in. To the right are stairs leading to water. Look somewhere in between the two for a blind exit. Gold Brick (30/250) - Roller Coaster. WHEE!!! Splash! Splash? SPLASH??? What the heck kind of roller coaster is this? For the spills and thrills, you will be rewarded with a hard earned Gold Brick. Return back to the prior exit I mentioned and head to the last and final pier area with all kiosks to the right and water to the left. Gold Brick (31/250) - Hook A Duck Gold Brick (32/250) - Clown Spray Gold Brick (33/250) - Bat In A Bucket Gold Brick (34/250) - Clown Spray Gold Brick (35/250) - Sock A Croc Gold Brick (36/250) - Bat In A Bucket (right past the stairs). You noticed the red beam across the way next to a boat. Accessible WAY much later in the game. The beam that will lead you to Lex Luthor himself. Go back up the stairs you just passed between Gold Bricks 35/36 and you are back to the first area of the Amusement Park. Leave here and you will notice the purple stud regenerated with the traffic cones (if you smashed them before you entered). Go ahead and do it again (if you want). And of course, returning to the Amusement Park in future visits between Chapters will net you 200,000 studs and more (not including multipliers). Hop in a car and let's follow the ghost studs. Looking at the map you will notice a few obvious blips in your path. None of them are accessible right now. Head to the next mission. Character (6/60) - Riddler Goon (30,000 studs) - While getting a car to drive off into the sunset, I was attacked by a bunch of goons wearing green suits with question marks. Get 'em now. Also if you grab a car from the terminal, it will trigger the Harley Quinn Boss Battle (similar to when you triggered Captain Boomerang). We'll tackle her later on. You will again notice that the beam changed from red to blue meaning the Boss has been unlocked. Furthermore, turning the beam to blue and unlocking the boss unclouds that section of the map. At our earliest opportunity, we will unblock the map using the terminals. Total Studs - 380,370 Total Percentage - 12.2% ************************************************** STORY CHAPTER 05: "CHEMICAL CRISIS" Goal - Collect all five bottles Can't Do - Height (There are a couple of spots in this long area where you either need a high jumper or a flyer). This should be the last "Can't Do" that I will list as every ability is known, learned or have been explained already. Ignore - There's a forklift in the final section which suggests you drive it with the other character being hoisted. Unnecessary as you can just jump on the pipes manually. Total Studs - 137,780 Goal - Get to the elevator Minikit (15/150) - Extinguish 5 fires with Superman's breath 1. In the first area with Superman (before you fly up to the handle) 2. On the catwalk that you use the pull handle 3. By the 3 pools (1 orange toxic, 2 water) 4. Right after you use the first shaped laser beam gold puzzle 5. On the right side of the elevator Trophy (6/38) - "It's A Bird, It's A Plane" given to you automatically the first time you fly with Superman (although I got it to trigger when I was actually using the Pull Handle). Total Studs - 320,990 ("Super Hero" achieved at around 314,000) Goal - Find out what those liquids are for Minikit (16/150) - Destroy 5 gold cabinets with Superman's Heat Ray. 1. In first area where you start 2. In first area where you start 3. Above the first area where you start (fly in the sky; look to the left) 4. In the second area past the Ace sign 5. At the end of the level past the two silver girders you will blow up Trophy (7/38) - "Chemical Crisis" given for completing Chapter 5. Gold Brick (37/250) - Given for Level Complete in Chapter 5. Gold Brick (38/250) - Given for achieving "Super Hero" in Chapter 5. Total Studs - 376,810 (Chapter) /// 757,180 (Cumulative) Total Percentage - Oops, I forgot. Miscellaneous Notes (Spoilers Galore!) - For starters, what the heck is Batman's problem with Superman. No wonder that Robin has a serious man- crush on Superman, since Batman is such a grouch. However, you'd think he'd be after Green Lantern (who came out in recent comics), or The Flash (cool costume), or Aquaman (who's a cute blonde). Oh nevermind. ************************************************** POST CHAPTER 5 - THE HUB You're back in the Hub, but you will notice on the map everything is still pretty much blackened out. You can venture to many places you want, but you still can't use the scan option. Therefore, it'd be pointless to try to guide you through collecting things since you can't use that function. We're going to have access to Superman after Chapter 7, so once we do, we'll do some venturing around. For now, we'll continue on to the next mission. Hop in a vehicle and either follow the Bat Signal (the vehicle you're chasing is moving), or stay put if you want and wait for the vehicle to come back. If you want more studs, feel free to go back to the Amusement Park to scoop up 200,000 studs by replaying all the games and such. Just remember that if you start collecting other miscellaneous Gold Bricks, Citizens In Peril, etc., then following this guide will become difficult as you won't be able to follow my instructions. Ready? Get into the Bat Signal Total Studs - 762,360 Total Percentage - 13.5% ************************************************** STORY CHAPTER 06: "CHEMICAL SIGNATURE" Goal - Chase the vehicle and board it To Do - For the following two minikits, make sure you get them before you knock the vehicles' health down to zero Minikit (17/150) - You will see a giant sign straight over the middle of the

Asylum Assignment | Walkthrough LB2 Guide

Build a platform (with hazard suit for Robin) using bricks near the entrance. Now move right, jump Robin into the water and pull the lever on the left.

In this way you will unlock electricity suit for Batman (you can move on the electrifying surfaces in it). Pass through the electrifying platform and use your suit on the receptacle (picture). Back to Robin, move right and destroy chains near platforms (they will swim out). Use them to get on the other bank of the water and use next electric machine.

Back to Robin and start heading right. After a while you will get to the fan. Destroy it and move to the corridor behind it (picture). Move right and pull the lever. Back to Batman and use another console and after that get Robin to the metal cage. Turn it using windlass built earlier by Batman.

When Robin gets to the top use his hazard suit to fill the vessel standing in front of you (picture). In this way you will lower the stairs on the left. Use them to get on the higher floor. Pull the lever on the platform (it will freeze the wall, use it to climb higher).

Move to the room on the right and destroy two valves (water starts pour out). Move to the right, destroy items near the boxes and use bricks to build platform with ice suit. Wear it and freeze the water (picture) and the wall on the background. Climb higher and jump on the other edge using freeze water from hydrants.

Use Robin to pass through ice stream from the pipe and push the windlass (you have to push the green brick). Move to the ice chamber and eliminate all enemies. After that use Batman's electricity suit to climb on top of the left ladder and use him on the receptacle (picture). Now reach the top with Robin and move him to the right using the ice wall.

Jump to the small room under you, pull the lever and push the green brick which will shows in the center of the room. Freeze the water with Robin and move Batman on the other side and activate next machine. After that get into the elevator with both heroes (picture).

In new location move to the right and eliminate enemies. Use bricks to build platform on the centre of the room and use Batman to pull the lever on the left side of the screens. Then wear Robin in acrobatic suit, make trackball and move on the platform (picture). Now you have to control the valve spot from right bottom corner to the left bottom corner.

When the container shows up fire the hook on the front side (picture). Eliminate enemies and use bricks to create platform with suit with sensors. Activate invisibility and move to the left. Pass through cameras, pull the lever, extinguish fire with Robin and move forward.

Continue march and eliminate all enemies en route. After a while you will reach the big area. Eliminate enemies, get to the green wall and use Batman's suit to scan it. Now you have to link all red mechanisms (picture). Pass through the bridge which will show on the right.

Use Robin to Freeze water on the right side (picture). Climb up on the ice wall and pull the lever which will slide out another bridge.

Pass through it and eliminate another group of enemies. Now move Batman to the high wall on the left side and scan the left top corner (picture). Press H and the battery will fall down. Now you have to set next mechanisms until battery will get to the right bottom corner.

Get upstairs and pass through the corridor with lots of enemies. When you get to the gas trap pull the lever on the left, change hero and do it the same with the lever on the right side (picture).

Move to the next location where you will have to face with Scarecrow. He will throw tanks filled with gas. Time and time again you must eliminate all enemies which will attack you (picture).

When you get rid of the smaller enemies the Scarecrow will attack you. Punch him a couple of times (picture). When he gets back to his safe position wait until he throws next gas tank and eliminate another group of opponents. Repeat it until you seriously hurt Scarecrow.

At the end of the fight you will have to use bricks to create levers on the left and right side of the chamber. Use them and the second hero will be able to jump on the platform, move him to the top and pull the lever (picture) which will activate ventilation. Repeat this with the second lever and finish off the Scarecrow in melee combat.