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Essay Writing On My Neighbourhood Story

Mishaps or calamities happen suddenly and can be devastating at times, especially if it's a fire. When a fire took place in my neighbourhood I was awestruck and dumbfounded to see the chaos and loss that it caused. It was 10 o'clock at night when a house in my neighborhood had caught fire. I was having my dinner when I heard screams of panic in the neighbourhood. I looked out of the window and saw people rushing towards the burning house. In no time the fire had spread to the first floor which bellowed out smoke from all corners. Residents were pouring buckets of water to extinguish the fire. Many people were throwing sand and dust over the fire. A few people were trying to control the fire by throwing blankets on it. But the fire was ravaging. It was a terrible sight.

It was a two-storeyed building. Some residents of the house were trapped in the second floor. I overheard people saying that the fire may have started from the ground floor. Soon, it spread to the first floor. People entrapped in the building were screaming for help. The flames were rushing towards them. Their lives were in danger. Just then someone in the crowd informed the fire brigade. Some of those who were trapped in the fire took chance of rushing out through the burning flames. They sustained minor burn injuries. It was an awful and miserable sight. The other residents of the neighbourhood were at a loss about ways and means of rescuing those who were trapped in the fire.

Soon the fire brigade arrived. But the fire had already taken its toll. The residents were very anxious, because despite their best efforts they could not extinguish the fire. Some of those who were trapped in the second floor jumped from there in an attempt to save their lives. It was a horrid sight. The firemen fought the fire bravely and brought it under control with the help of large water pipes. They setup a staircase up to the first floor and then to the second. They managed to rescue all those who were trapped amidst flames. What a relief! Everyone was saved including a woman and child. In this brave effort two fire fighters were injured. Some of those who were rescued suffered serious burn injuries. The injured were immediately rushed to the hospital.

However, with a great deal of effort the fire was doused, but it caused immense damage and destruction to the house. Four fire brigade vans finally managed to drench the flames. Furniture, belongings and valuables were burnt to ashes. The whole house looked dismal. Later investigation revealed that the fire had originated from a short circuit on the ground floor. The good news was that no life was lost, thanks to the brave efforts of the residents and firemen!

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My neighbourhood essay

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Essay on my new neighbourhood

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