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YTD Usage Counts since Base Count

As of 20110511

147  "---first do no harm" [videorecording DVD] / Touchstone Pictures ; written by Ann Beckett ; produced and directed by Jim Abrahams
8  10 reasons to believe : [videorecording] / Day of Discovery with Mart De Haan and Jimmy De Young
42  100 year recall [videorecording]
10  121.5 [videorecording DVD]
7  14 steps to better breastfeeding [videorecording] / producer/writer, Julie Perry
18  154 steps to revitalize your sunday school and keep your church growing [videorecording] / Elmer Towns
10  The 17 most popular ways to fall out of the sky [videorecording] : and how to avoid them / with your host Bob Hoover
15  "1812" overture [videorecording] / Educational Audio Visual Inc. ; producer, Russell Drake
16  1985 Pathfinder Camporee [videorecording] / The Department
3  1989 Missions Congress [videorecording]
57  1995 world session of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists [videorecording]
4  2 AM feeding [videorecording] / producer [and] director, Kristine Samuelson
16  20/20 vision [videorecording] : how to create a successful church with lay pastors and cell groups / a Gary Randall production
1  2001 [videorecording DVD] : a space odyssey / Metro-Goldwyn- Mayer presents a Stanley Kubrick production ; directed and produced by Stanley Kubrick ; screenplay by Stanley Kubrick and Arthur C. Clarke
97  2001, a space odyssey [videorecording] / Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Inc
109  2001, a space odyssey [videorecording] / Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
13  20th century American art [videorecording] : highlights of the permanent collection / Whitney Museum of American Art
15  The 24/7 experience [videorecording DVD] : a DVD curriculum on following Jesus every day / created by the Evangelical Covenant Church
40  28 up [videorecording] / Granada Television International Ltd. ; director, Michael Apted
5  30 days of worship discovery [videorecording DVD] / with Robert E. Webber
48  30 years of National Geographic Specials [videorecording] / National Geographic Society
2  4 poderes mágicos do relacionamento [videorecording DVD] / Robson Marinho
61  The 400 blows [videorecording] = Les quatre cents coups / S.E.D.I.F. and Les Films du carrosse ; directed by François Truffaut ; original story by François Truffaut ; adaptation and dialogue by Marcel Moussy
15  48 hours [videorecording]
21  4keeps [videorecording] : keeping creativity in your marriage / Fellowship Church with Ed and Lisa Young
5  The 5 communication secrets that swept Obama to the Presidency [videorecording DVD]
189  50 cartoon classics [videorecording]
38  The 50 years war [videorecording] : Israel and the Arabs / a coproduction of WGBH, Boston and Brian Lapping Associates ; in association with the BBC and La Sept/ARTE ; producers/directors, Dai Richards ... [et al.]
196  500 nations [videorecording] / a Tig Productions presents in association with RCS Films & TV and Majestic Films and Television International ; written by Jack Leustig ... [et al.] ; produced by Roberta Grossman ; produced and directed by Jack Leustig
5  The 51st state [videorecording DVD] / Lathika International Film & Entertainment, Samford Media Group, Howard College of Arts and Sciences, School of Business, Samford University, Bolero Films, Maverick Films present a Media Show production ; screenplay, T.N. Mohan, Julia Sartorio ; produced by Julia Sartorio, Betina Goldman, T.N. Mohan, Cristina Brandner Garcia ; directed by T.N. Mohan
41  6 easy pieces [videorecording] / A Department Production ; with Virginia Cartwright
320  The 7 laws of the learner / produced by Walk thru the Bible Ministries ; Bruce Wilkinson ; directed by Fred Holmes
155  The 7 laws of the teacher [] / Howard G. Hendricks
70  The 7 realities of experiencing God [videorecording] / Henry Blackaby
46  7 signs of Christ's return [videorecording]
11  75 golden years, from the Chelsea Flower Show [videorecording] / BBC Enterprises
37  8 1/2 [videorecording] / di Federico Fellini
67  84 Charing Cross Road [videorecording] / Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc
25  The 9 steps to financial freedom [videorecording] / a produced by Twin Cities Public Television, Inc. and Q Direct Venture, Inc. ; executive producer, Gerald Richman ; producer, Larkin McPhee ; co-producer, Erika Herrmann ; director, Tedd Tramaloni
6  9/11 backlash [viderecording DVD] : being Muslim in America / Discovery School
175  9/11 [videorecording DVD] / directed by Jules Naudet, Gedeon Naudet, James Hanlon ; producer/editors, Richard Barber ... [et al.] ; producers, Paul LaRosa, Ian P. Paisley ; writers, Tom Forman, Greg Kandra ; a Goldfish Pictures, Inc. [and] Silverstar Productions, LLC production
2  901 [videorecording] : after 45 years of working / produced by Eames Demetrios and Lucia Eames Demetrios ; written, directed, photographed and edited by Eames Demetrios ; a production of the Eames Office
35  911 in plane site [videorecording DVD] : the director's cut / Power Hour Productions in association with Bridgestone Media Group
17  A baby grows [videorecording] : prenatal development
21  A baby's world [videorecording] / directors, Leanne Klein, David Hickman ; series producer, David Hickman ; TLC
261  A beautiful mind [videorecording DVD] / Universal Pictures, Dreamworks Pictures, Imagine Entertainment present a Brian Grazer production, a Ron Howard film ; producers, Brian Grazer, Ron Howard ; screenplay, Akiva Goldsman ; director, Ron Howard
22  A Better way [videorecording] : addressing the issue of teen suicide / Multimedia Ministries International in cooperation with Pastoral Counseling for Denver ; produced by Jerry Vreeman
7  A brief history of time [videorecording] / an Anglia Television/Gordon Freedman production ; executive producer, Gordon Freedman ; produced by David Hickman ; directed by Errol Morris
8  A Case of working smarter, not harder [videorecording] / CRM Productions
10  A Case study in shaping health policy [videorecording] : the National Center for Nursing Research / National League for Nursing
23  A child's grief [videorecording] / [presented by] Associated Producers ; produced by Associated Producers with the participation of the Ontario Film Development Corporation and the Trillium Foundation and the Canadian Independent Film & Video Fund
12  A Child's world of language [videorecording] / produced by John Rohr
14  A Choice among risks [videorecording] : physical restraints rejected / Montefiore Medical Center
11  A Christian manifesto [videorecording]
13  A christian's response to AIDS : May 20-23, 1994
43  A Christmas Carol [videorecording] / by Charles Dickens, presented by Guthrie Theater
49  A Christmas homecoming [videorecording]
21  A Christmas story [videorecording DVD] / Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer presents a Bob Clark film ; screenplay by Jean Shepherd & Leigh Brown & Bob Clark ; produced by Rene Dupont and Bob Clark ; directed by Bob Clark
10  A church for the 21st century [videorecording] / Church Growth
46  A class divided [videorecording] / a production of Yale University Films for Frontline ; produced for the Documentary Consortium by WGBH-Boston ; produced and directed by William Peters ; written by William Peters, Charlie Cobb
25  A close-up look at teaching reading [videorecording] : focusing on children and our goals / created by Sharon Taberski ; produced by Patrick McNeive
15  A conception of critical thinking [videorecording] / Center for Critical Thinking & Moral Critique
23  A concert spectacular [videorecording]
21  A conversation on caring with Jean Watson and Janet Quinn [videorecording]
2  A conversation with Paul Halmos [videorecording] / Mathematical Association of America ; producer Judy K. Weaver
2  A crude awakening [videorecording DVD] : the oil crash / Red Envolope Entertainment ; produced by Lava Productions AG, Switzerland ; written, produced and directed by Basil Gelpke and Ray McCormack
139  A Cry in the dark [videorecording] / Warner Bros
6  A Day at a time [videorecording] / produced by William Garcia and Charles Schultz ; directed by William Garcia
9  A day in the country [videorecording] : impressionism and the French landscape / written and directed by Robert D. Ellis and Richard W. Sawyer ; produced by Finley-Holiday Film Corp
15  A day's work, a day's pay [videorecording] / a production of Mint Leaf Productions, produced in association with the Independent Television Service ; a film by Kathy Leichter, Jonathan Skurnik
11  A deacon ministry that works [videorecording] / Herb L. Pedersen
26  A Different place [videorecording] : the intercultural classroom
64  A Doll's house [videorecording] / Elkins Productions Limited
37  A Family at the point of growth [videorecording] / Cyd Slayton, Dave Gilmore, producers
47  A Family in grief [videorecording] : the Ameche story
4  A family preservation approach to teaching families new skills [videorecording] / a production of the Family Preservation Institute, New Mexico State University ; written and presented by Patricia Sandau-Baeckler
4  A Family to me [videorecording] / produced and directed by Linda J. Harness
17  A Fate worse than death? [videorecording] / KGW-TV Portland
32  A father looks back [videorecording] / Word Incorporated and Focus on the Family, Inc. ; producer, Bruce Johnson ; directors, Bruce Johnson, Ted Miears
14  A feminist perspective [videorecording] : implications for therapists / Lois Braverman
1  A Fork in the road [videorecording] / written and presented by Pria Viswalingam ; produced & directed by Pria Viswalingam
13  A fresh viewpoint to making music [videorecording] : a Bands of America workshop
5  A Friend called Lyle [videorecording] / Blue Raven Productions with Milestone Media Inc
1  A gardener's guide to growing houseplants [videorecording]
2  A gardener's guide to houseplants [videorecording] : growing flowering houseplants / written and narrated by Randy Heatley ; produced by Tony Buysse
2  A gardener's guide to houseplants [videorecording] : growing selected foliage plants
16  A gathering of men [videorecording] / with Bill Moyers and Robert Bly
22  A Gift for the unborn children [videorecording] / produced by Bradley Boatman, Daniel Fritz ; directed by Bradley Boatman ; written by Laura Silveira de Mota
1  A gift from the heart [videorecording] : this is 20/20 / ABC news with Hugh Downs and Barbara Walters|LLUMC heart transplant
45  A Guide to pregnancy and childbirth [videorecording] / Tomorrow Entertainment, Inc
1  A history of Spanish literature [videorecording] / Mary Lee Nolan
59  A house divided [videorecording] : structural therapy with a Black family / featuring Harry Aponte
103  A hug & a kiss & a kick in the pants [videorecording] / Kay Kuzma
5  A journey back [videorecording] / Nightline ABC News
6  A killer bargain [videorecording DVD] / California Newsreel presents ; Lynx Media ; Heinemann medier ; director, Tom Heinemann ; producer, Jesper Fogh Lund, Tom Heinemann
12  A Language for Ben [videorecording] / a Tyne Tees production
10  A Late frost [videorecording] : reflections on aging / [directed by Larry Foreman ; narrated by Dave Moore]
1  A little history worth knowing [videorecording] / IMW&A
118  A Little princess [videorecording] / a London Weekend Television production ; producer, Colin Shindler ; director, Carol Wiseman ; television adaptation, Jeremy Burnham
16  A Long look at hard rock music [videorecording] : / Albert Long
5  A man called "Bee" [videorecording DVD] : studying the Yanomamö / a Documentary Educational Resources production ; a film by Napoleon A. Chagnon and Timothy Asch ; script, Napoleon Chagnon ; produced at the Center for Documentary Anthropology
134  A man called Peter [videorecording]
123  A Man for all seasons [videorecording] / Columbia Pictures
33  A Matter of fat [videorecording] / WNET/Thirteen ; producer, writer, Eva Zelig ; director, Jon Merdin
18  A matter of perception [videorecording] : understanding learning differences / Learning Disabilities Programs of the Los Rios Community College District in conjunction with the California Community College Chancellor's Office
6  A Matter of urgency! [videorecording] / [presented by] Home Mission Board, Southern Baptist Convention ; a Win Arn Johnson Nyquist Production
7  A Max Lucado children's treasury [videorecording DVD] / Thomas Nelson, Inc. ; TLC Entertainment ; Mainstreet Entertainment ; CBN
1  A memory of two Mondays [videorecording DVD] / [written] by Arthur Miller ; produced by Jacqueline Babbin ; directed by Paul Bogart
2  A mighty wind [videorecording DVD] / Castle Rock Entertainment ; produced by Karen Murphy ; written by Christopher Guest & Eugene Levy ; directed by Christopher Guest
138  A month by the lake [videorecording] / Miramax Films presents a Robert Fox production
24  A New age for the old [videorecording] / Dan Klugherz Productions
8  A New look at motivation [videorecording] / CRM Productions
18  A new Nöel [videorecording] / The National Council of Churches presents a production of the Seventh-day Adventist Church ; featuring Dwight K. Nelson
405  A new Revelation [videorecording] / with Doug Batchelor
10  A Nurse's guide to the Hickman catheter [videorecording] / Darryl Williams
12  A paralyzing fear [videorecording] : the story of polio in America / [presented by] The Center for History in the Media, George Washington University and Paul Wagner Productions] ; director/writer, Nina Gilden Seavey ; producers, Paul Wagner, Nina Gilden Seavey ; narration, Stephan Chodorov
13  A partner to genius [videorecording] : Olgivanna Lloyd Wright / a production of WMVS WMVT Milwaukee ; [a production of Milwaukee Public Television] ; writer, James Auer ; director, Claudia Looze
51  A Passage to India [videorecording] / Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc
14  A phonological approach to children's speech and sound disorders [videorecording] / Richard G. Schwartz
4  A pilot's prescription for flight [videorecording]
1  A place of resounding deeds [videorecording] / U.S. Capitol Historical Society
2  A Place to call home [videorecording]
9  A portrait of Maya Angelou [videorecording] / a production of the Corporation for Entertainment and Learning in association with WNET/Thirteen
2  A practioner's guide to an anatomical dissection of the low back [videorecording] / American Rehabilitation Education Network
42  A Private universe [videorecording] : misconceptions that block learning
12  A question of art [videorecording] / Professor Benjamin F. Ward ; sponsored by and produced in cooperation with Duke University office of Alumni Affairs and Duke Alumni Association ; Brenzel Publishing, Inc. ; produced by Ray Solley ; directed by Bill Heitz ; edited by Neal Oswald
5  A question of race [videorecording DVD] / producer, Brian M. Beenders
261  A Raisin in the sun [videorecording] / NBLA Productions
60  A Raisin in the sun [videorecording]
4  A reason for writing [videorecording] / Concerned Communications
148  A River runs through it [videorecording] / Columbia Pictures ; produced by Robert Redford and Patrick Markey ; directed by Robert Redford
8  A room of one's own [videorecording] / from the book by Virginia Woolf ; adapted and directed by Patrick Garland
161  A Room with a view [videorecording] / Cinecom International Films
59  A rumor of war [videorecording] / a Dick Berg-Stonehenge production ; in association with Charles Fries Productions ; David Manson, producer ; John Sacret Young, writer ; Richard T. Heffron, director
28  A rumor of war [videorecording] / [a Dick Berg-Stonehenge production ; in association with Charles Fries Productions]
20  A Russian journey [videorecording]
40  A science odyssey [videorecording] / a WGBH Science Unit Production in association with La Cinquième
2  A Seal upon thy heart [videorecording] : a portrait of Jewish marriage / Halcyon Films
8  A separate peace [videorecording DVD] / Paramount Pictures presents a Punch 21/Cubasugar Entertainment production ; produced by Armand Leo ; teleplay by Wendy Kesselman ; directed by Peter Yates
8  A shepherds guide to caring & keeping [videorecording] / written by David Wood ; edited by Charles Arn
72  A Son of Africa [videorecording] / Aimmage Productions for BBC ; producer, Hugh Williams ; director, Alrick Riley ; writer, Danny Padmore
21  A Star is born [videorecording] / Warner Bros. Pictures ; screenplay by Moss Hart ; produced by Sidney Luft ; directed by George Cukor
14  A Step along the way [videorecording] : a family with a drug problem / produced by Golden Triad Films ; Ramon G. Corrales, Ray R. Price ; consulting therapist, Virginia Satir ; Dave Gilmore, director-editor
50  A streetcar named Desire [videorecording] / Charles K. Feldman Group Productions ; directed by Elia Kazan ; produced by Charles K. Feldman ; screen play by Tennessee Williams ; adaptation by Oscar Saul
2  A study in the book of Song of Solomon [videorecording] / Pacific Press ; Church Ministries
26  A System for enhancing teacher-child interactions in early childhood education [videorecording.]
45  A Tale of "O" [videorecording] : on being different / [presented by] Goodmeasure ; conceived by Rosabeth Moss Kanter ; script by Rosabeth Moss Kanter, Barry A. Stein ; produced by Barry A. Stein
149  A Tale of two cities [videorecording] / Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc
4  A tale of two nations [videorecording]
117  A to Z with Barney [videorecording] / produced by the Lyons Group ; Lyrick Studios ; senior producer & director, Jeff Gittle
2  A touch of the poet [videorecording] / by Eugene O'Neill ; produced by David Griffiths ; directed by Stephen Porter and Kirk Browning
3  A Tour of the Library of Congress [videorecording] / produced for the Library of Congress Information Office by Matrix Media, Inc. ; written, produced, and directed by Jim Cummins
17  A Tour of the Louvre [videorecording] / Art Collection Video ; directed by Roland Dubois ; commentary by Michael Peppiatt
22  A Tour of the Vatican Museums [videorecording] / Art Collection Video ; directed by Richard Dubois
98  A Town like Alice [videorecording] / Alice productions
9  A tree for Sugihara [videorecording] / Chip Taylor Communications
13  A Triarchic theory of intelligence / by Robert Sternberg presented October 13, 1988 Craigie Hall, University of Calgary
297  A trip into the supernatural [videorecording] / Hart Research Center with Roger Morneau
7  A video guide to (dis)ability awareness [videorecording] / Idea Bank production ; [writer/director, Richard Lambert]
5  A video tour of the CCH Standard federal tax reporter [videorecording]
10  A vision for the future [videorecording] : Executive Development Forum, July 20, 1988 / Jim Valvano
11  A visit to Le Jonchet [videorecording] : the country home of Hubert de Givenchy
7  A visit with Bill Peet [videorecording.]
4  A Visit with Lois Lowry [videorecording.]
34  A vow to cherish [videorecording] / World Wide Pictures presents a Dean River Productions
20  A Walk around Florence [videorecording] / [produced by] Video Home Society ; directed by V.F. Stappo
194  A walk in the clouds [videorecording]
5  A Wealth of information in the gram stain [videorecording] / Ed-U-Quest Ltd
45  A Week in the life of a studio [videorecording] : with Dean Collins / Finelight Video & Ad Venture Communications, Inc
4  A win-win solution [videorecording] / written & produced by Pandora Productions ; director and interviewer, Jeff Potter
36  A World of differences [videorecording] : understanding cross-cultural communication / created and produced by Dane Archer ; directed and photographed by Jon Silver
41  A World of gestures [videorecording] : culture & nonverbal communication / created & produced by Dane Archer ; directed & photographed by Jon Silver
22  A world of homeless people [videorecording] / produced at the facilities of Instructional Television, Archdiocese of New York ; producer, Mike Lavery ; director, James Smyth
305  A year in Provence [videorecording] / British Broadcasting Corp. ; produced by Ken Riddington, directed by David Tucker
115  A young children's concert with Raffi [videorecording]
1  A&B flying great combat planes [videorecording] / Dastar Corp. presents a Marathon Music & Video production
41  A. Lincoln [videorecording]
10  A. Philip Randolph [videorecording] : for jobs & freedom / WETA-TV ; produced by Dante J. James ; written by Juan Williams, Dante J. James
698  A.D. [videorecording] : anno Domini / from Proctor & Gamble Productions, Inc. and International Film Productions ; a Vincenzo Labella production ; directed by Stuart Cooper ; written by Anthony Burgess and Vincenzo Labella
21  The A.D.D. program [videorecording] : auditory discrimination in depth / Lindamood-Bell ; Charles H. Lindamood, Patricia C. Lindamood
35  Aaron Copland [videorecording] : a self-portrait / written by Vivian Perlis ; directed by Allan Miller ; producer, Ruth Leon
91  ABC Wide world of flying [videorecording]
69  The Abilene paradox [videorecording] / McGraw-Hill Training Systems ; [produced by] CRM Productions, Inc
8  Aboriginal art [videorecording] : past, present and future / by Marilynne Bradley ; produced by Crystal Productions
26  The Abraham file [videorecording] / a film by Abraham Ségal ; 13 Production and INA present in coproduction with France 2 ; La Cinauiéme ; CNDP ; N.M.E. with the participation of Palestinian Broadcasting Corporation ; productéur exécutif, Chaïm Sharir
17  Abundant waters [videorecording] / American Museum of Natural History and Museum Television Workshop Ltd
60  The abused woman [videorecording] : a survivor therapy approach / Lenore Walker with Marge Lurie
65  The abused woman [videorecording] : a survivor therapy approach with Dr. Lenore Walker / Newbridge Professional Programs
8  Academic advising [videorecording] : an individual or group training program for faculty advisors / developed by Lowell Walter ; produced by San Jose State University
22  Accent reduction program [videorecording] / Crossroads Video
2  The accompanist [videorecording] = L'accompagnatrice / Film Par Film
54  Accounting principles [videorecording]
33  Ace the SAT video [videorecording] : Verbal and math
2  Achieving balance in an emergent literacy program [videorecording] / Michigan Reading Association ; Michigan Department of Education Early Literacy Committee presents Dorsey Hammond
8  Achieving breakthrough service in libraries [videorecording] : a nationwide teleseminar / presented by the American Library Association ; with James L. Heskett and W. Earl Sasser, Jr
15  Acid-base balance [videorecording] / Trainex Division of Medcom, Inc
6  ACT in Action [videorecording DVD] / Steven C. Hayes ; producer, Troy DuFrene ; produced by New Harbinger Publications, Inc
3  Active Parenting for stepfamilies [videorecording DVD] : For parents and step-parents
9  Active parenting of teens [videorecording DVD] / Active Parenting Publishers ; written by Michael H. Popkin
43  Active parenting of teens [videorecording] : a video-based program / Michael H. Popkin
290  Active parenting today [videorecording] : for parents of 2 to 12 year olds / Michael Popkin
86  Active parenting [videorecording] / Michael H. Popkin
21  Active range of motion exercises [videorecording] produced by the Physical Therapy Department, St. Luke's Meritcare
9  Acute care skills for the med/surg nurse [videorecording] : central venous access devices
7  Acute respiratory failure [videorecording] / produced by MediVision with NESN Satellite Network
14  The Ad and the Id [videorecording] : sex, death, and subliminal advertising / produced & directed by Harold Boihem ; written & presented by Bernard McGrane
23  Ad campaigns that work [videorecording] / WHA-Televison ; producer, Dick Goldberg
19  Adam Smith and the wealth of nations [videorecording] / Liberty Fund, Inc
172  Adam's rib [videorecording] / produced by Lawrence Weingarten ; directed by George Cukor ; screen play by Ruth Gordon and Garson Kanin
61  The Addicted brain [videorecording] / written and produced by Roger Bingham
9  Addicted to love [videorecording] / Warner Bros. ; directed by Griffin Dunne
4  Addiction and the human brain [videorecording DVD]
16  Addictions & mental illness [videorecording]
14  Adding years to your life [videorecording]
41  ADHD in adults [videorecording] / Russell A. Barkley
122  ADHD in the classroom [videorecording] : strategies for teachers / Kevin Dawkins, producer/writer
8  ADHD, inclusive instruction and collaborative practices [videorecording]
111  ADHD, what can we do? [videorecording] / Kevin Dawkins Productions ; Guilford
8  Adlerian therapy with Dr. Jon Carlson [videorecording] / an Allyn & Bacon presentation ; a production of Communication Services, Governors State University
29  Administering medications by IV [videorecording] / Mosby [and] Samuel Merritt College, Studio Three Productions
7  Administering peripheral I.V. therapy [videoreocording] / [presented by] Springhouse Corporation, in consultation with Lynn C. Hadaway, Sue Masoorli
29  Adolescent cognition [videorecording] : thinking in a new key / with David Elkind
11  Adult conflict resolution [videorecording] / Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development
45  Adult development [videorecording] : the study of human behavior / produced by Coastline Community College in cooperation with Dallas Community College District et al
28  The Adult learner [videorecording] / Malcolm Knowles
8  Adult psychiatric diagnosis [videorecording DVD] : using the DSM-IV-TR / produced by Professional Association for Continuing Education
4  Advanced aerodynamics [videorecording] : angle of attack / Jeppesen Sanderson
2  Advanced equipment [videorecording DVD] / Sporty's Academy, Inc
1  Advanced medical terminology [videorecording]
183  Advanced photography [videorecording] / Eastman Kodak Company
30  Advanced Spanish [videorecording]
13  Advanced throwing projects & techniques [videorecording] / by Stephen Jepson
8  Advanced voice workout for the actor [videorecording] / with Susan Leigh ; a Theatre Arts Video Library presentation ; directed by Ken Kebow ; written by Susan Leigh
12  Advances in cardiac surgery [videorecording] / producer/director, Faye M. Hollander
56  Adventist colleges abroad [videorecording]
1  Adventist risk management in action [videorecording] : the process, the partners / produced by Adventist Media Center for Adventist Risk Management
35  The Adventists [videorecording DVD] / Martin Doblmeier
537  Adventures from the book of virtues [videorecording]
1  Adventures in customer courtesy [videorecording]
201  The Adventures of Robin Hood [videorecording] / Warner Bros. Pictures, Inc
90  The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes [videorecording] / Granada Television ; developed for television by John Hawkesworth
7  The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin [videorecording] / an Alchemy II/Worlds of Wonder production ; Atkinson Film Arts ; created by Ken Forsee ; produced by Jean Chalopin ... [et al.] ; directed by Chris Schouten ; writers, Mary Crawford ... [et al.] ; key animators, Lillian Andre ... [et al.]
9  Adventures on SonMountain [videorecording] / with Barry McGuire
52  Advertising & the end of the world [videorecording] / Media Education Foundation ; writer & editor, Sut Jhally
13  Advertising layout [videorecording]
14  Advertising media [videorecording]
11  Africa, continent of explosive growth [videorecording] / with William G. Johnsson, editor, Adventist Review
6  African American lives [videorecording DVD] / a film by Kunhardt Productions ; executive producers, Henry Louis Gates, Jr., William R. Grant, Peter W. Kunhardt ; written by Henry Louis Gates. Jr. ; series producers, Graham Judd, Leslie D. Farrell ; a production of Kunhardt Productions, Inc. and Thirteen/ WNET New York
23  African art and women artists [videorecording] / Films for the Humanities & Sciences, Inc
7  African art, women, history [videorecording] : the Luba people of central Africa / narrated by Dr. Mary Nooter Roberts, created & produced by Linda Freeman
106  The African Queen [videorecording] / Horizon Enterprises ; adapted for the screen by James Agree and John Huston ; produced by S.P. Eagle ; directed by John Huston
310  African wildlife [videorecording] / produced by the National Geographic Society and WQED/Pittsburgh
158  Africans in America [videorecording] / produced by WGBH Boston
240  The Africans [videorecording] : a triple heritage / a co-production of WETA-TV and BBC-TV ; written and presented by Ali A. Mazrui
71  After the fox [videorecording dvd] / Metro Goldwyn Mayer ; written by Neil Simon ; produced by John Bryan ; directed by Vittorio De Sica
2  After the gold rush. The great divide [videorecording] / producer, Ed Cundiff ; writer, Karen Heisler
116  After you say "I do" [videorecording] : a video series presenting the finest in marriage counseling / H. Norman Wright, Tim & Beverly LaHaye, Larry Burkett
104  Aftereffects [videorecording] : the pain of date rape / written and directed by Joseph C. Ebert
718  Against all odds [videorecording] : inside statistics / produced by the Consortium for Mathematics and Its Applications (COMAP) and Chedd/Angier
11  Against great odds [videorecording] / producer, D. Michael Hostetler ; writer, Joel Kauffmann
33  Against the odds [videorecording] : the artists of the Harlem Renaissance / production of NJN ; produced, written and directed by Amber Edwards
5  The age of Charles II [videorecording] / BBC-TV ; producer Roger Thompson
256  The age of innocence [videorecording] / Columbia Pictures
8  Aging parents [videorecording] : the family survival guide / [a production of Lifetapes Communications]
11  The Aging process [videorecording]
33  Agreeing to agree [videorecording]
88  Aguirre, der Zorn Gottes [videorecording dvd] / ein Film von Werner Herzog
17  Aguirre, der Zorn Gottes [videorecording] = Aguirre, wrath of God / [produced by] Werner Herzog Filmproduktion ; unter Mitarbeit des Hessischer Rundfunks ; Buch und Regie, Werner Herzog
3  Ah, wilderness! [videorecording] / by Eugene O'Neill ; produced by Lindsay Law ; directed by Arvin Brown
23  AIDS and ethics [videorecording] : the unexamined face of AIDS / National Center for Social Policy and Practice and NASW Insurance Trust
28  The AIDS crisis and the church [videorecording]
8  AIDS [videorecording] / Wissenschaftliche Beratung, Helga Rübsamen-Waigmann ; Authoren, Celina Cziepluch, Thomas Hoffmann
24  AIDS [videorecording] : dealing with the impact / produced by the Ohio State University Hospitals
10  AIDS [videorecording] : the heart of the matter / produced & written by Jennifer Seache ; edited by John P. Owens
36  AIDS [videorecording] : the women speak / a presentation of Films for the Humanities & Sciences ; an NJN production
10  AIDS [videorecording]
41  AIDS, helping families cope [videorecording]
21  AIDS, profile of an epidemic--update [videorecording] / from WNET ; produced by Harvey Marks, Harry Chancey, Jr
31  AIDS, what you need to know [videorecording] / FutureVision
2  Aime Cesaire [videorecording] : poet and statesman / producer, Ann Armstrong Scarboro ; director, Susan Wilcox
7  Air & sunlight [videorecording]
10  The Air Force story [videorecording] / United States Air Force Air photographics and charting service (MATS)
3  Airbrush techniques [videorecording] / DEMOvision ; with Robert Paschal
4  Aircraft control surfaces, design [videorecording]/ Jim Bede ; EAA Aviation Foundation
4  Aircraft icing [videorecording] / AOPA Air Safety Foundation ; producer/director, Steve Kahn ; written by Richard Taylor
9  Aircraft wing design [videorecording] / Jim Bede ; EAA Aviation Foundation
57  Airplanes A to Z [videorecording] / Ambler Co., Inc. presents a Dare to Dream Kideo Production ; written and directed by Laura Ambler ; produced by Ambler & Wells
9  Airspace & weather format review [videorecording DVD] / Sporty's Academy
28  Airway management [videorecording] / [produced by] Medcom, inc
16  Akahige [videorecording DVD] = Red Beard / a Toho-Kurosawa production ; directed by Akira Kurosawa
65  Aladdin [videorecording] / Walt Disney Pictures ; original story by Alan Menken ; screenplay by Ron Clements ... [et al.] ; produced and directed by John Musker, Ron Clements
106  Aladdin [videorecording] / Walt Disney Pictures ; scénario, Ron Clements ... [et al.] ; production et réalisation, John Musker, Ron Clements
8  The Alamo [videorecording] / produced by Greystone Communications for the History Channel
94  The Alamo [videorecording] / The Alamo Company
55  Alaska [videorecording] / produced by the Videotrip Corporation ; directed by Peter TenEyck
25  Albert Bandura. Part II [videorecording] / produced by University of Houston and Richard I. Evans
16  Albert Schweitzer [videorecording DVD] : called to Africa / Faith & Values Media presents a Journey Films production in association with Lightworks Producing Group ; produced & edited by Adele Schmidt ; written & directed by Martin Doblmeier
6  Albert Whitlock [videorecording DVD] : A master of illusion / produced by First Light Video Publishing ; a Robert Livingston Production ; produced/directed, Walton Dornisch / Mark Horowitz
48  Alcohol & cocaine [videorecording] : the secret of addiction / ABC Video Enterprises, Inc. ; produced and directed by Richard Gerdau ; written by Bill Blakemore, Richard Gerdau
43  Alcohol addiction [videorecording] / WNET/Thirteen
2  Alec McCowen in his solo performance of St. Mark's gospel [videorecording]
3  Alexander and the car with a missing headlight and other stories [videorecording]
14  Alexander and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day [videorecording] / screenplay and lyrics by Judith Viorst
91  Alexander Graham Bell [videorecording] / Living History Productions
16  Alexander Nevsky [videorecording] BMG Classics
2  The Alexander technique [videorecording DVD] : first lesson, an introduction to the Alexander technique / with William Hurt and Jane Kosminsky ; Molly McBride, director ; conceived and produced by Jane Kosminsky
24  Alexander's painting methods [videorecording] / Bill Alexander
60  Alfred Hitchcock's North by northwest [videorecording dvd] / Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer ; directed by Alfred Hitchcock
91  Alfred Hitchcock's rear window [videorecording dvd] / a Paramount Pictures release ; produced by Alfred Hitchcock ; screenplay by John Michael Hayes ; directed by Alfred Hitchcock
1  Algeria 1954 [videorecording] : revolt of a colony / Marc Ferro
15  Alias, La Gringa [videorecording] : una pelicula / de Alberto Durant ; Perfo Studio S.A. / Peru en asociación con Channel Four Television
16  The alienation of our unalienable rights [videorecording] / The Council
42  Alif baa [videorecording] : introduction to Arabic letters and sounds / prepared by Abbas Al-Tonsi, Mahmoud Al-Batal, Kristen Brustad
25  All about Eve [videorecording DVD] / Twentieth Century-Fox ; produced by Darryl F. Zanuck ; written for the screen and directed by Joseph L. Mankiewicz
255  All creatures great & small. Series 1, Volumes 1-6 [videorecording] / a co-production of the BBC and Time-Life Films
135  All creatures great & small. Series 2, Volumes 1-6 [videorecording] / a co-production of BBC and Time-Life Films, Inc
139  All day singin' [videorecording] : and dinner on the ground with their homecoming friends / executive producer, Bill Gaither ; producers, Bill Gaither and Donald Boggs ; director, Dave Streit
50  All quiet on the western front [videorecording] / by Erich Maria Remarque ; produced by Carl Laemmle, Jr. ; Universal Pictures Corp
61  All quiet on the Western front [videorecording] / Marble Arch Productions
129  All rapped up [videorecording] : an inside look at the rap/dance music scene / a production of Reel to Real Ministries ; produced by Steven Gregory & Eric Holmberg ; written by Eric Holmberg
126  All the children ought to know [videorecording] / Gopher Wood Productions
4  Allergy [videorecording]
433  Alles gute! [videorecording] : a German course for television / eine produktion von Inter Nationes und Goethe-Institut
5  Almonds and raisins [videorecording] : a history of the Yiddish cinema / a Russ Karel film ; directed by Russ Karel ; written and produced by Russ Karel and David Elstein ; based on a treatment by Wolf Mankowitz
43  Almost a woman [videorecording]
4  Alone on the ice [videorecording] : the story of Admiral Richard Byrd / written, produced and directed by Nancy Porter ;
2  The alpha and the omega [videorecording] / Bible Truth Productions
34  Alphabet assessment [videorecording] ; Using running records ; Analyzing running records ; Conventions of running records / written and presented by Leanna Traill ; executive producer, Phil Newman ; director/editor, Craig Elder ; produced in association with Shortland Publications and Safari Productions
50  The alphabet train [videorecording, DVD] / jointly produced by Railway Productions & Michelle Dawson Schneider ; writer/concept, Michelle Dawson Schneider
83  Alphabet uppercase [videorecording]
18  Altar call [videorecording DVD] : sacrifice, sanctuary, and salvation / Roy Gane
22  Alternative medicine [videorecording]
17  Alzheimer's disease [videorecording] / a production of Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center ; executive producer, Jane Bassick ; writer/producer, Jamie Guth
15  Alzheimer's disease [videorecording] : coping with confusion / American Journal of Nursing Company, Educational Services Division
5  Alzheimer's disease [videorecording] : discharge planning / written by M. Gray-Vickrey
43  Amadeus [videorecording DVD] / Orion Pictures; a Milos Forman film ; music conducted and supervised by Neville Marriner ; executive producers, Michael Hausman, Bertil Ohlsson ; original stage play and screenplay by Peter Shaffer ; produced by Saul Zaentz ; directed by Milos Forman
215  Amadeus [videorecording] / Saul Zaentz Company
33  Amahl and the night visitors [videorecording] / by Gian Carlo Menotti
11  Amazing babies [videorecording] : moving in the first year / with Beverly Stokes, Movement Educator
45  The amazing bone ; The five Chinese brothers ; The silver cow [videorecording]
282  Amazing facts crusade [videorecording] / with Joe Crews
2  Amazing grace in an amazing place [videorecording]
96  Amazing grace with Bill Moyers [videorecording] / from WNET/New York and WTTW/Chicago ; produced and directed by Elena Mannes ; editor, Donna Marino
71  Amazing grace [videorecording DVD] / Bristol Bay Productions presents in association with Ingenious Film Partners, a Sunflower production ; produced by Patricia Heaton, David Hunt, Terrence Malick, Edward R. Pressman, Ken Wales ; written by Steven Knight ; directed by Michael Apted
23  Amazing grace [videorecording DVD] : the history and theology of Calvinism / the Apologetics Group
57  Amazing grace [videorecording] : 5 hymns that changed the world / produced by Discovery Media Productions for Questar, Inc
45  The amazing internet [videorecording] / Classroom Connect
19  Amazing Thailand [videorecording DVD] / [presented by] Shidog Films ; produced and directed by Mike Shiley
32  America 1900 [videorecording] / WGBH Educational Foundation ; and David Grubin Productions
43  America and the Holocaust [videorecording] : deceit and indifference / a Fine Cut Productions, Inc. film ; WGBH Boston ; written and produced [and directed] by Martin Ostrow
28  America between the great wars [Videorecording] : a Blackhawk compilation
151  America the bountiful [videorecording] / Vocational Education Productions
7  America [videorecording] : discovery to revolution
7  America [videorecording] : you're too young to die / Arthur S. DeMoss Foundation
19  America's castles [videorecording] / produced by Cinetel Productions in association with A&E Networks
8  America's fighting jets [videorecording DVD]
36  America's godly heritage [videorecording] / Presented by Wallbuilders, Inc
1  America's immigration debate [videorecording DVD]
53  America's multicultural heritage [videorecording]
2  America's prisons [videorecording] / United Prison Ministries International
35  America's war on poverty [videorecording] / a production of Blackside ; series producer, Terry Kay Rockefeller
26  American business English/ESL [videorecording] : the fundamentals / Video Aided Instruction, Inc. ; produced and directed by Peter Lanzer, Mona E. Lanzer
12  American dream [videorecording] / Prestige Films ; Cabin Creek Films ; produced by Barbara Kopple, Arthur Cohn ; directed by Barbara Kopple ; music by Michael Small
9  American Passages: [videorecording] a literary survey / Produced by Oregon Public Broadcasting
17  American photography [videorecording] : a century of images / produced and directed by Ellen Hovde, Muffie Meyer ; writer, Ronald Blumer ; a production of KTCA in association with Middlemarch Films, Inc
182  The American president [videorecording DVD] / a co-production of Kundhardt Productions and Thirteen/WNET New York ; written, produced and directed by Philip B. Kunhardt, Jr., Philip B. Kunhardt III, Peter W. Kunhardt
7  The American president [videorecording] / [Castle Rock Entertainment and Universal Pictures present a Wildwood Enterprises, Inc. production]
31  American prophet [videorecording] : the story of Joseph Smith / a film by Lee B. Groberg ; a production of Groberg Communications and Vermont Public Television
27  American Red Cross community CPR [videorecording] / American National Red Cross
82  American tongues [videorecording] / the Center for New American Media ; produced and directed by Andrew Kolker and Louis Alvarez
44  American visions [videorecording] / written & presented by Robert Hughes ; a Planet 24 production in association with BBC Television ; a Time Inc.-BBC co-production ; produced in association with Thirteen/WNET
2  Americano as apple pie [videorecording DVD] : the yearning to be ... / University of Notre Dame ; executive producer, Ed Cundiff ; writer, Mark Kelley
16  The Amish folk [videorecording]
78  The Amish [videorecording] : a people of preservation / written and produced by John L. Ruth ; a Heritage Production
8  Ammo for the info-warrior [videorecording] / [presented by] the Media Education Foundation ; produced by the Guerilla News Network
3  Amputee therapy [videorecording]
60  Amélie [videorecording DVD] / Claudie Ossard & UGC présentent ; une coproduction Victoires Productions, Tapioca Films-France 3 Cinéma, MMC Independent GmbH ; avec la collaboration de la sofica Sofinergie 5 et la soutien de la Filmstiftung ; avec la participation de Canal+
9  An alternative lifestyle [videorecording] / Amazing Discoveries presents Walter J. Veith
34  An amazing story [videorecording] / [written and produced by M.G. Hardinge] ; made by Health Productions
38  "An American in Paris" [videorecording] / MGM
6  An American tail. Fievel goes West [videorecording] / a Universal Picture ; produced by Steven Spielberg, Robert Watts ; directed by Phil Nibblink, Simon Wells ; screenplay by Flint Dille
43  An angel at my table [videorecording] / New Line Cinema Corporation ; Fine Line Features presents a Hibiscus Films Production in association with the New Zealand Film Commission
176  An archaeological search for Jesus [videorecording DVD] / hosted, written, and directed by Hershel Shanks
28  An Empire conquered [videorecording] / Marca-Relli Productions
8  An enemy of the people [videorecording DVD] / Arthur Miller's adaptation of [the play] by Henrik Ibsen ; directed by Paul Bogert ; produced by Jack Landau ; executive producer, Jac Venza
14  An evening with Emily Dickinson [videorecording]
10  An IEP meeting [videorecording] : roles and responsiblities
67  An inconvenient truth [videorecording DVD] / [presented by] Paramount Classics and Participant Productions ; a Lawrence Bender/Laurie David production ; a Carbon Neutral production ; directed by Davis Guggenheim ; produced by Laurie David, Lawrence Bender, Scott Z. Burns ; executive producers, Jeff Skoll ... [et al.] ; co-producer, Leslie Chilcott
94  An inside look at the Willow Creek seeker service [videorecording] : show me the way
88  An inside look at the Willow Creek worship service [videorecording] : building a new community
15  An inside view of the cardiovascular system [videorecording]
20  An Interview with David Bohm [videorecording] / producer/director Noel Fox
2  An interview with Paula Rome on dyslexia [videorecording] / by Drake Duane at the Mayo Clinic, October 30, 1985
42  An Intimate parent-child talk [videorecording] : what every 8-16 year old must know : growing up in the 80's and 90's
3  An introduction to a child's world [videorecording] : kindergarten curriculum in-service / North American Division, Office of Education ; Marilyn J. Bauer
69  An Introduction to American deaf culture [videorecording] / produced by Sign Media, Inc. ; developed and written by MJ Bienvenu, Betty Colonomos
7  An introduction to flint knapping [videorecording] / Mound Builder Books
22  An introduction to microteaching [videorecording] / written and directed by Steve Mirer ; produced and edited by Alan Gordon
21  An Invitation to fly [videorecording] : basics for the private pilot / with Donald W. Brannock and Jeanne McElhatton ; Ferde Grofe Films ; produced by KCSM-TV in association with Beech Aircraft Corporation [and] Caravatt Communications, Inc. ; a production of KCSM-TV, San Mateo, California
22  An overview of fundraising [videorecording]
3  An overview of the history of American nursing [videorecording] / a presentation of Thomson Delmar Learning Nursing ; a production of Nick Kaufman Productions
5  Analyzing media influences [videorecording DVD] / Discovery School
42  Anatomy of a murder [videorecording] / Carlyle Productions, Inc
1  The anatomy of conducting [videorecording DVD] : architecture & essentials / GIA Publications, Inc. presents ; produced by FullMind Creative ; executive producer, Trevor Crafts
17  Ancient Egyptians [videorecording DVD] / Wall to Wall ; written and produced by Ben Goold ; director, Tony Mitchell
70  Ancient Greece [videorecording] : the traditions of Greek culture / produced by Supervision ; directed by Zinon Ramos ; scriptwriter, Zinon Ramos
26  Ancient man: created or evolved [videorecording] / Roger Oakland
8  Ancient religions of the Mediterranean [videorecording] / a Greenstar Television Production ; Liberty International Entertainment Inc
6  The Andalusian epic [videorecording] / un film concu̧ et écrit par Mahmoud Hussein ; réalisé par Philippe Calderon ; une co-production FIT Production, La Cinquième, Canal Sur Televisión
15  Andre [videorecording] / Paramount Pictures
103  Andrei Rublev [videorecording] / produced by "Mosfilm" Studio ; directed by Andrei Tarkovsky ; screenplay by Andrei Mikhalkov-Konchalovsky
63  The Andromeda strain [videorecording] / Universal Pictures ; a Robert Wise production ; directed by Robert Wise ; screenplay by Nelson Gidding
109  Angel in chains [videorecording DVD]
177  Angel of light [videorecording]
22  Angels in working clothes [videorecording] : the Maranatha story
71  The Angry couple [videorecording] : conflict-focused treatment / with Susan Heitler ; produced and directed by John Holland
3  The angry eye [videorecording] : with Jane Elliott / a production of Elliott & Elliott Eyes, Inc. in association with Pennsylvania Production Associates, Inc. ; producers, Susan A Golenbock, William Talmadge
2  Anilao Mabini Batangas, Philippines [videorecording DVD]
18  Animal farm [videorecording DVD] / Louis De Rochemont presents a Halas and Batchelor production ; based on George Orwell's memorable fable ; production & direction, John Halas, Joy Batchelor
321  Animal farm [videorecording DVD] / produced by Greg Smith ; directed by John Stephenson ; screenplay by Alan James and Martyn Burke
93  Animal farm [videorecording] / a Louis de Rochemont presentation
53  Animal stories [videorecording]
148  Animals A to Z [videorecording] / National Geographic Society, Educational Video Presentations
164  Animals are beautiful people [videorecording] / Warner Bros. Pictures ; a Mimosa film by Jamie Uys ; written, produced, directed, filmed and edited by Jamie Uys
35  Animals of the Bible [videorecording] / Forsight, Inc
21  Animated neuroscience [videorecording]
231  The animated stories from the Bible music video [videorecording] / Family Entertainment Network
1621  Animated stories from the Bible [videorecording] / Nest Entertainment and Rich Animation Studios
1378  Animated stories from the New Testament [videorecording] / Nest Entertainment and Rich Animation Studios
10  Animations for Introduction to sound [videorecording] / Charles Speaks ... [et al.]
19  Animism [videorecording] : living in the dreamtime / director, Stephen Bottomore ; North South Productions for Channel Four Schools Television
770  Anne of Avonlea [videorecording] : the continuing story of Anne of Green Gables / produced, written and directed by Kevin Sullivan
869  Anne of Green Gables [videorecording]
125  Anne of Green Gables, the continuing story [videorecording] / a Kevin Sullivan production ; producers, Trudy Grant, Kevin Sullivan ; writters, Kevin Sullivan, Laurie Pearson ; director, Stefan Scaini
77  Anne of the thousand days [videorecording] / produced by Hal B. Wallis ; directed by Charles Jarrott
52  Anorexia [videorecording]
35  Another set of eyes [videorecording] : techniques for classroom observation / ASCD
39  Ansel Adams, photographer [videorecording] / Filmamerica, Inc
1  Anthropology [videorecording DVD] : the four fields
4  Antigone [videorecording DVD] / by Sophocles ; a new translation by Don Taylor ; a BBC TV co-production in association with Bioscope Inc. ; producer, Louis Marks ; directed by Don Taylor
29  Antilles francaises [videorecording]
3  Anuncios comerciales [videorecording]
19  AONE video 1993 [videorecording]
4  Ape [videorecording] / a CAFE production for BBC Worldwide Americas, Dorling Kindersley Vision in association with Oregon Public Broadcasting ; director, Ludo Graham ; producer, Richard Thomson ; writer, David Stafford
13  Apocalypse planet earth [videorecording] / Hal Lindsey ; Jeremiah Films, Inc
20  The apocalypse [videorecording DVD] / Rai Radiotelevisione Italiana presents a Lux Vide - Lube - Kirchmedia production in association with RaiFiction ... [et al.] ; produced by Luca Bernabei ; story by Gianmario Pagano ; teleplay by Gianmario Pagano, Raffaele Mertes, Francesco Cantaldo ; directed by Raffaele Mertes
101  Apocalypse [videorecording DVD]
277  Apollo 13 [videorecording] / Imagine Entertainment ; directed by Ron Howard ; produced by Brian Grazer
91  Apollo 13 [videorecording] : to the edge and back
17  Apollo 13. French|Apollo 13 [videorecording] : (version française) / une filme de Ron Howard ; Imagine Entertainment présente une production Brian Grazer.
35  The apostle [videorecording] / October Films presents a Butchers Run Films production ; written and directed by Robert Duvall ; produced by Rob Carliner
4  Applying response to intervention (RTI) and comprehensive assessment for the identification of specific learning disabilities [videorecording DVD]
29  Applying restraints [videorecording]
6  Approach charts [videorecording] / presented by Jeppesen Sanderson
11  Approaches to consciousness [videorecording] / series hosted by Jeffrey Mishlove ; produced and directed by Arthur Bloch
46  Approaches to therapy [videorecording] / Coastline Community College
136  April morning [videorecording] : the true story of the birth of a nation / Samuel Goldwyn Co. and Robert Halmi, Inc. productions
16  The Arab world [videorecording]
2  Araby [videorecording DVD] / American Street Productions ; produced and directed by Dennis J. Courtney
57  The archaeology of Jerusalem from David to Jesus [videorecording] / produced by the Biblical Archaeology Society
5  Archtypal psychology [videorecording] / [presented by] Thinking Allowed Productions ; with Jean Bolen
5  Are ethics and contemporary social work practice compatible? [videorecording]
8  Ark angels [videorecording DVD]
2  Arms for the poor [videorecording DVD] / produced, directed & edited by John Ankele & Anne Macksoud
1  Arnold Schoenberg [videorecording DVD] / an Audiovisioconcept/La Cinquième/Mezzo production in association with Centre National de la Cinématographie ... [et al.] ; in coproduction with INA Entreprise, RTBF-Belgium Television, UNITEL ; written and directed by
41  The art & science of love [videorecording] : a video workshop for couples / Gottman Institute
2  Art and science [videorecording]
32  Art education in action [videorecording] / The Getty Center for Education in the Arts
4  Art education in action [videorecording] : an all-participants day video teleconference / Getty Center for Education in the Arts
3  Art education is more than art education [videorecording] / a presentation of The Getty Center for Education in the Arts ; produced by Pacific Visions Communications, Inc

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