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India on the world stage.

‘The land of snake charmers, tigers, elephants’, ‘Buddha’s country’, ‘land of million Gods’… were epithets used to describe India not very long ago The world’s perception of India has certainly changed drastically in recent years ‘!ilicon valley of the east’, ‘cradle of software industry’, ‘the fastest"growing economy’, ‘charging elephant’, and ‘the world’s outsourcing hub’ are titles now used for her This change has been brought about over the last few decades by a change in Indians’ mindset Till some time ago Indians were laid back people, content and fatalistic But now it’s different" Indians are hungry for recognition, power and progress and an#ious to see their dream take shape The world is moving fast but India is leaving it da$ed with its speed In the last %& years the G'( has grown at an average rate of )*, which is second only to +hina The  prosperity of an average Indian has also grown over this period s India prospered, her diaspora spread to several countries, resulting in recognition of Indian talents and skills in fields of science, technology, finance, manufacturing and business Indira -ooyi, .ikram (andit, /ukesh mbani, -arayan /urthy, 0atan Tata are some of the key Indians leading this surge Giant companies such as Tata !teel, 0eliance, 1-G+, 2ipro and Infosys have transformed into world"class players The /ittals and Tatas have also  bought stakes in big foreign companies 2ho knows, maybe in a few years, foreign companies may consider it a matter of pride to be taken over by Indian companiesIndian presence in global arena has largely been the result of growing spread of education Indians, long known for mathematical skills, turned to software programming in the %34&s and now form a large chunk of employees at companies like IB/ and /icrosoft Indian faculty members in foreign universities are shaping world thought The growing si$e and prosperity of the middle class has drawn foreign companies that want to sell their products here 5ord, 6yundai, 6onda, +oke and others have set up base in India 7nlike the past, India is an important part of their future global strategies The foreign currencies flowing into India, with the force of the Ganges, has also strengthened the rupee, making other currencies cheaper Indians are therefore travelling to foreign shores and are welcomed for the business they bringIndians had been on the world stage a long time back, during the 6arappa civilisation 8#cavations show the e#istence of brick houses, developed drainage systems, dust bins and a highly comple# language while the -eanderthal"like men in 9ondon lived in caves, ate raw meat and could only grunt to communicate ncient Indians also traded with Greece and +hina It is no surprise that descendents of such a civilisation have once again taken centre stage In the last two decades India has surged forward in its ranking as an emerging economy It has achieved a status in the world, far beyond the imagination of our leaders who fought for its independence )& years ago 2e are not afraid of working hard to attain our special and rightful place on the stage of the world -eer:a Bakshi.III 

Place of Women in Society Today


The Eve on the March


Women’s Liberation


Careers open to Women Today


Emancipation of Women

The position and status of women in society has been changing from time to time.  In Vedic India, woman was considered to be a goddess.   No religious or social function was considered to be auspicious where woman was not present.  She was called the “Ardhangini’ (the better half) of man. She had a fairly high status in society.  That is why in the nomenclature of couples, the name of the woman was always put before the name of man, for example, Sita-Ram, Radhey-Sham, etc.  When Sita was in exile, Lord Rama had to get a golden statue of Sita built for the Yajan he performed.  All this shows the high esteem in which women were held in ancient India.

                With the advent of Muslims in India, the position of women received a set- back.  They had to go behind the veil.  The British rulers, too, did not take any concrete steps to improve the status of women.  It was only with the dawn of freedom that the position and status of women took a turn for the better.  Our national leaders started working for the emanicipation of women.  They were given their rightful place in all spheres of life.  Discrimination on the basis of sex became a matter of the past.

                As a result of all this, the woman broke out of the four walls of her house and started marching ahead in life.  She joined the worldwide phenomenon of women.  Today, the eve is certainly on the march.  In fact, she has left man far behind in many fields.  We have women legislators, women ministers, ambassadors, doctors, lawyers, teachers and officers.  With the encouragement of co-education, modern girls have thrown off old complexes and they are marching shoulder to shoulder with boys in every field of life.

                A modern girl is conscious of her position and importance in the society.  She is no longer a dumb cow of the society. She competes with boys and ever sphere of life.  She is full of self-confidence.  She is an ambitious as the boys and wants to become a problem for the poor parents.  A girl born to poor parents does not cut down her needs.  She, too wants to enjoy  life like her rich friends.

                A woman in olden days had to depend upon her parents, her husband or her sons for the whole of her life.  But the modern even is as free as  a bird.  She no longer depends on others.  Education has raised her status.  She is keen on becoming self-supporting. She likes to enter some profession.  It does not mean that she wants to remain alone or unmarried.  She longs to have respectable status.  She does not like to be a dumb driven cattle.

                Freedom is good but too much of freedom is bad.  The modern girl should not employment westernize  “ herself.  She should copy only the best of the West without losing the best of the East.  She should not forget the glorious traditions of the Indian women.  Nobody, would like to keep her confined freedom wrongly.

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