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Vacation To Goa Essay

What do you do in Goa? You go to the beach, you swim, you enjoy the water sports, you party, you devour the delicious seafood and you come back to your hotel.

But the million dollar question here is – how can you get the best of Goa in summer season? Without a doubt, it’s going to be hot and humid during the summers. Most of the party spots are shut during this time. But despair not brave ones! For there’s a silver lining to every cloud and there’s a party spot and beach for everyone who comes to Goa. As a student of partying, boozing, clubbing and eat-till-you-are-beat, let me list out how in some ways it’s better to visit Goa during the summer.


1. Super Economical

This is the best part that makes me fall in love with Goa and summer over and over again! Everything is darn cheap during the summers. From flight tickets to hotel bookings, from sightseeing tours to delicious food – you get amazing discounts on everything. A penny saved is a penny earned. I say – a penny saved, is a penny to be used on partying! You can enjoy the drinks, the beaches and the sightseeing – and all at a drastically reduced price. Need more reasons to go there?

2. Shopping Extravaganza 

The shopping experience in Goa during summers – it’s just super awesome! The markets are lined with amazing goods at amazing price. You can get yourself all those amazing swimsuits you were dying to buy teamed up with some beautiful accessories at a dirtcheap price. The haggling is almost non-existent and there is no rush. Plus, all the money you save by way of discounted bookings can be put to good use here!


3. Few Tourists, More Fun, More Solitude

Well, a lot of people prefer to avoid the heat and thus they avoid Goa in summers. Well, they certainly do miss out on a lot of goodies. As a result, Goa is relatively less crowded during the summers. That means more space for you and certainly more fun at the beach! Cheaper fleets, real cheap water sports and an amazing view at your favorite points in the choice of your fort or beach.

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4. Parasailing

Oh yes! Goa, what a beautiful spot for the adventure of parasailing! The summers are the ideal season to try your hand at thrilling water activities in Goa and para-sailing is a must try! imagine getting a majestic view of the sea and the beach landscapes while being suspended high up in the air. Yes! nothing can beat that adrenaline rush. The activity is a lot more fun and costs a lot less during the summers. I did it, you should too!


5. Camera’s Day Out

Yes, even clicking pictures is more enjoyable during the summers in Goa. How? It’s simple; during the summers the beaches are comparatively less crowded and so are the beautiful forts and churches. This gives you the opportunity to take your own time to click that perfect picture that you will boast about in the future!

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Last weekend,I had an wonderful trip with my friends and colleagues and this is my first longest trip too.I was excited so much that two day trip is planned to Goa,”India’s foreign Country”.More over everyone is allowed to bring their family and friends.I brought my friends and more over they are very much eager in the trip.When planned to go for the trip,I had so many questions.I was afraid whether my friends will be able to get along with my colleagues or not?What if our parents not allow to go?What if it continuously rains in those two days?What if it exceeds my budget?In simple way,the answer is,”All were fine”.Here are some of my random memories in Goa

St.Francis Xavier Church

Saint Francis Church is considered as a world heritage site. The basilica holds the mortal remains of St. Francis Xavier,it is around 500 years old.The body of St. Francis Xavier is kept in a well-decorated casket, which can be seen in the photographs below.When I was hearing that it is the original 500 year old human body,I was not able to believe it suddenly.I was again and again asking,”Is it true?”.

St.Francis Xavier’s body

This is the resort we were staying in Goa which is located in the walking distance of beaches.The wooden style room makes remind kerala,India.

Nordest Lemon Mint Resort

I liked the Candolim beach out of other beaches we visited even though it was heavily raining and the tides were more that day.There were no other persons other than our team.It was extremely wonderful visiting the beach early in the morning.

Candolim beach

Mangheswar Temple

Mangeswar temple

It is a must thing to take a ride in River Cruise for every tourist.We can sit,enjoy the dance performance by artists.Dance floor is given to everyone who is riding on the top of the cruise.Yes,Of course.We had given a chance to forget ourselves and enjoy for few minutes.

River Cruise

Vagator Beach

Instead of getting into water and playing in the beach,I was having ice cream in that rain,doing sand art in the beach with my friends.Later I was pulled into the water by my colleagues.

Kids playing in front of the church

This is an unforgettable and successful trip in my life.We had so much fun in knowing each other whereas I came to know more about my friends and colleagues.Beaches,tattoo parlors,Resorts,windy and chill Climate are still in my eyes.Thanks to my friends,parents,people in Goa and colleagues for making this memorable moments.

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