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I Love My Younger Sister Essay

Name: Tadashi Hamada   


 Why I Love My Little Brother


Hi, I'm Tadashi Hamada. And this is my essay about my little brother Hiro.


My little brother, Hiro Hamada.


He's seven years old and he's the best little brother I've ever had.


I always look out for him and be there for him when he needs me the most.


Other kids bully him just because he's, well, gifted. I stick up for him because I'm so sick of people hurting him. It makes me angry just thinking about it because he can't defend himself.


Luckily, I'm there in time to protect him.


He's not a monster, he's not a freak, and he definitely doesn't think he's better than everyone else. He may be very intelligent for his age but at the end of the day, he's human and has feelings just like you and me.


My brother is actually a sweet kid once you get to know him. He loves robots too, I helped him build his first robot one time. He kept saying he didn't need any help but I did anyway, but it eventually started to annoy him, so we built it together.


He doesn't have many friends to socialize with, but personally, I'm his only friend. And I glad I am because unlike some people do nowadays, I would pretend to like him then talk negative crap behind his back. Why? Because I'm his brother! The one he deeply trusts, the one who looks out for him, the one who's always there for him! That's what a true friend is.


We may be just close brothers but we're also best friends! And he's the most important person in my life, just like how I'm the most important person in his life. We have each other at the end of the day.


He once said that I'm his hero, his role model and that's exactly what I'm going to be.


His hero.


I Love my little brother and I will always love and protect him no matter what.


My Sister Essay


Elder brothers or sisters are a great inspiration to their younger brothers and sisters, and that is what my elder sister Mona is to me. I have one younger brother Shekhar, and one elder sister Mona. We all live together with my parents and grandma. Both of my parents work all week, so my elder sister takes care of us. I always look up to her as an ideal, and I know whenever I will need her she will be there for me. She is my inspiration, my sister, and my best friend. I love her and admire her because she is loving, caring, and intelligent.

        My sister is a person with a big heart. Her love for the family, makes everyone loves her. My grandma is really old and unable to walk by herself. My sister Mona takes care of our grandma by giving her medication on time, checking her blood pressure, and keeping track of her physical record. One time my grandma had a heart attack and we thought we would lose her but my sister took her to the hospital and stayed with her all night. Next day when grandma came back home she said that, "She is alive because of Mona, her love and hard work kept her alive." She even takes care of our younger brother Shekhar, who is always mischievous. She makes sure that he does not spend too much time in playing and finishes his homework on time. She also likes helping disabled people, and that is why she volunteers at a rehab institution by our home. People at rehab love her so much that they wait for her on weekends because...

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