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Dead Poets Society Film Techniques Essay About Myself

Analysis of Dead Poets Society: Non-Conformity Changes Lives

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English 11 ( A LIT)

Non conformity changes lives Dead Poets Society is a movie set in the 1950 s But filmed in 1989 .Although it is set on the 50s the movie talks and is able to get through transcendentalist ideals to the viewer . The movie is set in a boy’s only private school called Walton that sends its graduates to Ivy league colleges. Where Mr. Keating is the new English teacher were he introduces non conformity and transcendentalism to his students. In the movie each boy has a scene where he breaks out of his norm becomes and a nonconformist. The movie also relates to transcendentalist poetry like Emily Dickson work And Walt Whitman especially in his poems in “song of myself. “ So Transcendentalism connects to…show more content…

He also told them about Dead Poets Society so he broke the rules. Transcendentalist poetry had a lot of imagery visual “ A Coffin – is a small domain” ( Dickinson 1) it also has auditory “ Rise up and hear the bells.”( Whitman, 9)But the most important type of imagery used was organic imagery most of all the poems had an organic fell to it. The transcendentalist had a lot of feelings put into their poetry.
Todd Anderson is the new kid. Todd is a very shy he is often compared to his brother who was a very smart student that graduated from Walton. That might have made him uncomfortable ( Baker , Jessica, “Todd anderson”). When the other boys decided to join Dead Poets Society he was very hesitant he joined the club. In dead poets society club all the members read a poem out loud but Todd is too shy to do that. When Todd got a assignment to read a poem out lode he told Mr. Keating the he did not do it, then it is revealed that he thinks that no one wants to hear what’s in his head and its all non sense then Mr. Keating makes him break his fear in a kind of way and expresses himself when he made him sound his barbaric yelp what is kind of sounding his inner self. When he sounded his barbaric yalp it was auditory imagery he was shouting . One day he just broke out of his shell in dead poets society club and started breaking out. Then he trough away the desk set he got from his parents every year from his birthday

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Dead Poets Society Essay

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Literary Essay – Dead Poets Society

	Bill Beattie once said, "The aim of education should be to teach us how to think rather than what to think – rather to improve our minds, so as to enable us to think for ourselves, than to load the memory with thoughts of other men." All too often, however, individual thoughts are crushed by the powerful weight of conformity. In the film Dead Poets Society, conformity exercises it’s influence and the results prove disastrous for some. For others, the effect of conformity compels them towards individual strength and the discovery of one’s true self.

	Modern education is one of the largest "offenders" when it comes to conformity, and that point is…show more content…

Perhaps they were clapping because everyone else was clapping, or perhaps they were just having a good time. However, it cannot be disputed that the group conformed without thinking.

	All too often, the words of the textbook are considered undisputed fact. All chemistry textbooks will list the elements with the same symbols and all Latin textbooks will list approximately the same translations. The poetry textbook, written by a Dr. Pritchett, attempts to lump words that are meant to touch the heart into the same factual categories of math and the sciences. Can Dr. Pritchett’s method of analyzing poetry by graphing its importance and perfection be used to measure what one feels? More importantly, is Dr. Pritchett’s method the only method that one must use when measuring the greatness of poetry and can poetry be looked at using only the mind and not the heart?

	Mr. Keating did not feel that poetry was meant to be analyzed using measurable techniques but rather through the feelings of one’s heart. He summed up his feelings on Dr. Pritchett’s method of measuring the greatness of poetry in one word, "Excrement."

	He took his class on a journey of self-discovery, a journey where they learned that there is not always a right answer or a wrong one. In order to find one’s true self, one must learn to resist conformity and walk one’s own way, as was illustrated in the lesson out in the courtyard. He taught them

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