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Hu245 Unit 9 Assignment 9 Animals Rights

Hello Prof and class,This week we are posing a very difficult question. And one that we can simply answer,but is much harder to explain. Do I believe animals have rights? Well not in the same sense thatwe as humans do, but everything that lives has a right to exist. Now do we as people have anobligation to protect them? Yes. We as humans have the highest level of reasoning on our planetand therefore that means we are the most powerful By being the most powerful that also meanswe have an obligation and responsibility to care for everything we can. “Because humans canreason, they should realize that nature is intrinsically valuable and must be nurtured and relatedto in a meaningful manner” (Theroux and Krasemann, 2015, p. 348). Now I feel that actutilitarianism is the key to our balance with nature. Whatever we do within nature, creative ordestructive, should be for the benefit of the most people or all parties involved.

HU245: Unit 3 Quiz 01. Paternalism means Doctor knows best Patients know best Nurses know best. Parents know best 02. What action demonstrates paternalism? A patient decides their own treatment. A patient collaborates with the doctor on treatment. A doctor decides on the patient’s treatment. A nurse decides on the patient’s treatment. 03. Paternalism is based on which idea? Doctors are best suited to make important health decisions. Patients are best suited to make their own decisions about health. All health decisions should be made with doctors and patients working together. Patients have the most at stake and must be in control of their health. 04. Radical individualism means____. Doctors have absolute say in health matters. Patients do not need to consult with physicians. Patients have absolute rights over their own bodies. All patients are individuals. 05. Informed consent means Patients have the power to reject or accept any health treatment.