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Roton Middle School Homework Hotline Number

We R 1 Voice is a Carver STEAM initiative inspired by Morris Pleasure, Carver's 2014 Child of America honoree, and propelled by Factory Underground and their artists such as Carver alumnus FNX.

WeR1Voice encourages young people, established artists, and music industry professionals to collaborate to help empower talented Carver youth to find their voice and to become fully-literate and successful 21st-century citizens.


WeR1 is now a song that will be professionally produced and distributed worldwide. Read all about the project at the crowdfunding site The Impact Vine that made this wonderful project possible! 

On March 9, 2017, WeR1Voice produced this concert that helped Carver win 8th place in Fairfield County's Giving Day. Among the many performances that were streamed live on Facebook were Carver alumnae Gabby Pierre-Louis singing "All I Can Do is Cry" and Gabby and and Carver alumnae Bianca Ramirez singing "Treat Me Like Somebody." This front page story in The Hourdescribed all that went into producing this event.


Carver uses Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) as access points for guiding student education, inquiry, dialogue, and critical thinking. Carver provides context for the importance of STEM knowledge in careers in the arts. Here are just three ways music supports learning. A joint resolution was introduced in the United States House of Representatives expressing the sense that adding art and design into Federal programs that target the STEM fields encourages innovation and economic growth in the United States. Carver treats art as an applied subject just like math and science.

Carver Youth

Because of WeR1Voice, you will be seeing and hearing much more from Carver youth.  In the weeks and months ahead they will collaborating with others to strengthen their talents, inspire awareness about issues important to them, and to build solidarity for their causes across and beyond Fairfield County and the social web.

Due Wednesday, 3/7 (blocks 2 & 3)(or Thursday, 3/8 if there is a snow day) articleon environmental engineering.Block 1, your article is due Friday, 3/9
Explore the links below. Begin thinking about yourengineering project.Physics unit links
Put the code HSM0604 (forces), HSM0988 (momentum), HSM1028
(Newton's 1st law), in the spot on the bottom right that labeled,
Have a SciLinks Code? There are eight pages of activities and
learning experiences for you to explore.
Link to an interesting article on the temperature departure from
normal on a USA and World map. The short article is a quick and
Watch 20 minutes of Weather Underground on The Weather Channel
anytime between 6-8PM every night. 
Student log is:
Username                rotonms
Password                science
All students have been shown how to access the site in class with time to use computers and visit the site. There will be homework assignments in the near future for reading before scheduled classes.
Link for in class simulation,

Nightly homework for the rest of the school year is at least 30 minutes of Study Island a night.
Username has been provided to the students

Password                     Norwalk

Study Island assignments and due dates

Assignment                                       Due date

Baseline assessment                10/27/17 NOW LATE

Scientific Investigations         11/10/17NOW LATE

Atmosphere, Weather & Climate12/15/17NOW LATE

Collect & Interpret Data                     01/19/18 NOW LATE

Atoms, Elements & the Periodic Table (Optional)  02/02/18 Past due

Compounds & Mixtures (Optional)                      02/16/18 NOW LATE

States of Matter (Optional)                              03/02/18 NOW LATE

Plants, Soil & Photosynthesis              03/16/18

Matter & Energy on Ecosystems         03/30/18

Population Dynamics                            04/16/18

Water                                                04/30/18

Post Test                                            05/11/18

Nature's classroom field trip, April 4th, 5th, & 6th
The Ivoryton (section of Colebrook), CT site for your viewing pleasure