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Pacific Trails Resort Case Study Chapter 12

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 — Internet and Web Basics

The Internet and the Web
Web Standards and Accessibility
Information on the Web
Web Browsers and Web Servers
Internet Protocols
Uniform Resource Identifiers and Domain Names
HTML Overview
Your First Web Page
Head, Body, Title, and Meta Elements
Name, Save, and Test Your Web Page
Review and Apply

Chapter 2 — Web Page Structural Basics

Heading Element
Paragraph Element
Line Break and Horizontal Rule
Blockquote Element
Phrase Elements
Unordered List
Ordered List
Description List
Special Entity Characters
Div Element
HTML Syntax Validation
Review and Apply
Pacific Trails Resort Case Study

Chapter 3 — Hyperlink Basics

Anchor Element
Absolute and Relative Hyperlinks
Practice with Hyperlinks
E-mail Hyperlinks
Fragment Identifiers
Review and Apply
Pacific Trails Resort Case Study

Chapter 4 — Web Design Basics

Design for Your Target Audience
Website Organization
Principles of Visual Design
Design to Provide for Accessibility
Use of Text
Web Color Palette
Use of Color
Use of Graphics and Multimedia
Navigation Design
Page Layout Design
More Design Considerations
Web Design Best Practices Checklist
Review and Apply
Web Project Case Study

Chapter 5 — Cascading Style Sheets Basics

Cascading Style Sheets Overview
CSS Selectors and Declarations
CSS Syntax for Color Values
Inline CSS with the style Attribute
Configure Embedded CSS
Configure External CSS
CSS Class, Id, and Contextual Selectors
Span Element
Practice with CSS
CSS Syntax Validation
Review & Apply
Pacific Trails Resort Case Study

Chapter 6 — Web Graphics Styling Basics

Type of Web Graphics
Image Element
Optimize a Photo for the Web
Image Hyperlinks
Configure Background Images
Position Background Images
Practice with Background Images
CSS3 Multiple Background Images
The Favorites Icon
Configure List Markers with CSS
Review and Apply
Pacific Trails Resort Case Study

Chapter 7 — More CSS Basics

Fonts with CSS
Text Properties with CSS
Align and Indent Text with CSS
Width and Height with CSS
The Box Model
Margin and Padding with CSS
Borders with CSS
CSS3 Rounded Corners
Center Page Content with CSS
CSS3 Box Shadow and Text Shadow
CSS3 Opacity
CSS3 Gradients
Review and Apply
Pacific Trails Resort Case Study

Chapter 8 — Page Layout Basics

Normal Flow
Relative and Absolute Positioning
Clear a Float
CSS Two-Column Page Layout
Hyperlinks in an Unordered List
CSS Interactivity with Pseudo-classes
Practice with CSS Two-Column Layout
Caption a Figure
HTML5 Structural Elements
More HTML5 Elements
CSS for Print
CSS for the Mobile Web
Review and Apply
Pacific Trails Resort Case Study

Chapter 9 — Table Basics

Table Overview
Table Rows, Cells, and Headers
Span Rows and Columns
Configure an Accessible Table
Style a Table with CSS
CSS3 Structural Pseudo-classes
Configure Table Sections
Review and Apply
Pacific Trails Resort Case Study

Chapter 10 — Form Basics

Form Overview
Text Box
Submit Button and Reset Button
Check Box and Radio Button
Hidden Field and Password Box
Textarea Element
Format a Form with a Table
Select Element and Option Element
Label Element
Fieldset Element and Legend Element
Style a Form with CSS
Server-Side Processing
Practice with a Form
HTML5 Text Form Controls
HTML5 Datalist Element
HTML5 Slider and Spinner Controls
HTML5 Date and Time Controls
Practice with an HTML5 Form
Review and Apply
Pacific Trails Resort Case Study

Chapter 11 — Media & Interactivity Basics

Plug-ins, Containers, and Codecs
Configure Audio and Video
XHTML Audio: Object Element
XHTML Video: Object Element
Configure Flash Multimedia
HTML5 Embed Flash
HTML5 Audio Element
HTML5 Video Element
Embed a YouTube Video
CSS Image Gallery
CSS3 Transform Property
CSS3 Transition Property
HTML5 Canvas Element
Review and Apply
Pacific Trails Resort Case Study

Chapter 12 — Web Publishing Basics

Register a Domain Name
Choose a Web Host
Publish with File Transfer Protocol
Search Engine Submission
Search Engine Optimization
Accessibility Testing
Usability Testing
Review and Apply


Answers to Review Questions
XHTML Cheat Sheet
HTML5 Cheat Sheet
CSS Cheat Sheet
WCAG 2.0 Quick Reference

Table of Contents (PDF)

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