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Group Name For Assignment Notebook

Perhaps you can list features that you have discovered and features that are still missing, or not working as they should.


I've just discovered that if I create a new channel, then it automatically has a 'Notes' tab which opens a OneNote Notebook/Section. What actually happens is it creates a new section in the Collaboration section of the Team (Class) Notebook with the name of the Channel. This way you can create groups and allow them to work together. There is no way to allocate students to the channel so that they can only access that. Everyone sees everything, but it still provides a way to create different groups. They can have a discussion in the Conversation thread and keep notes in the notes tab etc.


A feature that is still missing is the Teacher's Only section and an ability to manage your notebook from the Team's Settings.

Still missing is the fact that you cannot see different sections in the OneNote Notebook. You need to open it in the desktop application to see those.


Here is a list of the promised features (my comments in italics):

  • Quickly and efficiently create classes with automatically populated student rosters from their school information system (Probably part of SDS)
  • Share files and teaching materials (Part of standard Ms Teams)
  • Make announcements (Part of standard Ms Teams)
  • Divide the class into project groups and monitor progress (Done with channels)
  • Create, distribute and grade quizzes; deliver personalized learning with OneNote Class Notebooks (is this a promise of better integration with Ms Forms and obviously OneNote?)
  • Distribute, collect and grade assignments. (In the Assignments tab of the Team - there is also a Univeral view of assignments of all Teams (Classes))
  • All assignments you create will be listed in your Section Home. To find assignments more easily, you can organize assignments into groups. To create a group, select the assignments you want to add to the group (A), click the actions menu (B), select Group (C) and then Add (D).

  • In the add group pop-up window, enter the group name (A) and an optional description (B). Then click save (C).

  • Your groups are listed on the bottom of your assignments list (A).

    To move assignments into an already created group or remove assignments from a group, select the assignments (B) and click Move (C). Then select the group to add assignments to from the pop-up window and click "save." Select "ungrouped assignments" from the pop-up window to remove the assignments from a group.

    You can also move a single assignment into an already created group by clicking and dragging the assignment to the desired group. To remove a single assignment from a group,click and drag it out of the group.

  • To edit or delete already created groups, click the actions menu, select Group and then Edit.

    Click the edit icon next to the desired group to begin editing (A). Remember to Save (B) when you're done editing.

    To change the group order, use the blue arrows next to each group name (C) and remember to Save new order (D).

    To permanently remove a group, click the trash bin next to the desired group (E).

    Note: You should never rename the default group called "ungrouped assignments."