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Unit 27 Technical And Tactical Skills In Sport Assignments Meaning

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TECHNICAL AND TACTICAL DEMANDS IN SPORTS 4and p!'lem7sl)ing techni0ues( One # the p!#essinal 'as,et'all pla%e!s is Michael 8e##!e%8!dan* &he!eas he has !eti!ed* he &as empl%ed di##e!ent technical and tactics demands in 'as,et'all the made him success#ul 'as,et'all pla%e! H&le% 2 -!an,s* $3345(


The tactical demands in #t'all scce!5 a!e s man% that a #t'all pla%e! needs tmaste! la!ge! num'e! #! ma/imum success( Sme # the tactical demands include d!i''ling* passing* heading and shting( D!i''ling is used in #t'all t c!eate space #! shting !  passing( It is als applica'le in ta,ing an ppnent ttall% ut # the game( +hen d!i''ling* a pla%e! needs t a technical s,ill # cnt!l th!ugh .gging &hich the 'all and using 'thutside and inside # the #t( 6nde! d!i''ling tactic* the speed techni0ue helps inmaintaining the 'all clse t the pla%e!( Secndl%* shting tactic is imp!tant since it ise/ecuted &hen a pla%e! needs t sc!e( T sht* a pla%e! needs t app!ach the 'all and ,ic, it in the di!ectin # the gal( H&e)e!* the 'd% must 'e in a psitin t maintain accu!ac%(+hile st!i,ing the 'all &ith eithe! # the legs* the pla%e! needs t lean 'ac, #! a p&e!#ulsht ! get thei! 'd% )e! the speci#ic 'all( Thi!dl%* cnt!l is anthe! tactical demand in the#t'all( 9etting the 'all unde! cnt!l maintains the pssessin and hence added ad)antage)e! the ppnent Sha!,e% 2 9as,ill* $335(+hen a 'all is passed t a pla%e!* and it cmes)e!head* the pla%e! ma% cnt!l the 'all th!ugh the chest as the% lean 'ac, t all& the 'allland n thei! chest( As the 'all hits the chest* it &ill #all* and at this pint* the pla%e! &illtuch the 'all thugh the legs t ta,e cnt!l # the 'all( Once the 'all is in cnt!l* the pe!#!me! &ill cn)enientl% pass* sht ! d!i''le the 'all t&a!ds the ppnent team"s gala!ea( An accu!ate passing # the 'all maintains the pssessin and c!eates chances t ad)ancet&a!d the ppnent"s gal a!ea( On the the! hand* the heading ma% 'e used as a means # sc!ing* passing as &ell as &inning 'ac, pssessin( One # the p!#essinal #t'all pla%e!sis Linel Messi( Messi pla%s #! ;a!celna clu'* and he is ,n&n #! pe!#ect d!i''ling tactics*